Hi! New here, looking for info and advice on gear.
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New Head-Fier
May 29, 2014
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May 29, 2014
I got on the mp3 train in 2005 with Creative Labs gear, slowly upgrading until I discovered 24 bit.
Now I am on the lookout for a decent 24/192 DAP.
Seems like FIIO X5 is a good deal, although second hand AK 100 or 120 would do the job even better and would probably be inside my budget limits.
At he moment I am mostly using my Cowon D2+ on the go for 16 bit stuff, sometimes my SGN3, paired with SE 420 or Phonak 121 (or 122 - not sure, it is white anyway:)).
For high quality at home I use MBPr with AKG 550 and BD DT 440.
Well, Beyerdynamic usually is just lying around, sometimes my wife uses it, when she watches her TV series on her computer, haha!
(Good thing that her head is too small for the AKGs, otherwise I would have fight with her over the phones...)
AKG is so much better for me and I got now craving for even higher quality...
Anyway I would be glad to get in contact with HeadFiers in Switzerland and elsewhere.
I will not make it to the next meet in Vienna on June 15th, not with a baby coming in 5 weeks or so, but later i would love to meet some people with Golden Ears :)
Cheers and good listening!
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