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Hi, I'm new, se530 owner, getting cowon j3 tomorrow =)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by johnnyarks, Jan 12, 2011.
  1. johnnyarks
    Hi everyone, so I don't know if I'm an audiophile, but I know I don't like crap cans though :wink: I've been an outside on-looker to this site for about 3 months now, felt like joining the fun.  I must say that this is exciting, to find such a big group of people who share the same bad habit *cough* hobby, I mean...
    So a bit about my cans and portable players, I've owned all shures so far, E2c, E4g, and the latest being my current iems the se530's, my portable players have been, (going back now) zen jukebox 3 20GB, zen touch 40GB, Zune 30, Zune 120, Samsung Vibrant(phone), and tomorrow I will be getting my Cowon J3....
    I thought my Zune 30 w/ EQ(acoustic) sounded pretty sweet, when I "upgraded" to my Zune 120, first I was pissed it didn't support FLAC, so what's the point for all that space?...but anyway, I was floored that the 120 didn't have an EQ, and while the zune 120 doesn't sound bad, its extremely flat, dare I say, boring sounding. "Bright" sounding w/ my se530's, (not sure if I'm using that terminology correctly). Bass is anemic.
      Just for kicks I wanted to try out my fathers old Creative Zen Vision M, and I must say this powers the 530s much better, the SQ is much better than the Zune120, Bass is no longer an issue with the Zen, even w/o being EQ'd...In other words a flat Zen sounds loads better than my Zune120, and when EQ, (IMO, the se530 needs to be EQ'd to sound its best, IMO) makes my zune sound like sh&t, since I'm on the subject, I think my samsung vibrant has better SQ than my Zune120.   
    So I'm excited to be receiving my J3 tomorrow, anyone here have experience with se530 paired w/ the cowon j3? what's ur experience been like?
    ...In case you were wondering, I listen to all types of music, I guess mostly house/dance/techno music, lots of Hip-Hop & R&B... i.e.. :
    Daft Punk - Alive (2007) Live
    Lady Gaga - Fame / Fame Monster
    Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor / Hard Candy
    Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom
    Aaliayh - Every album...
    Elton John...
  2. plonter
    congratz on your new player and se530's mate!   prepare for getting great sound [​IMG]
    I don't have experience with the se530 and the J3 specifically but i did owned them and used them with other cowon dap's such as D2 I7.    I know that cowon got some really nice sound tweakers and EQ and stuff,but my advice is when you get your j3 for the first time try to listen to it flat at first and see how you like the sound and after if you feel you want some tweaking than go for it. 
    anyway,i am sure you will enjoy this combo..the se530 are really great sounding iem's and the j3 should be a blast.   I have the I9 right now and really enjoying it with my etymotic hf5's.

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