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Hi from Central Florida!

  1. Jimbo2me
    Just a quick note to say hi and to write first post.
    Current headphone system is OPPO HA-1 with OPPO PM-1
    and Aurender N100H.
    Ordered Chord TT2 & M scaler.
    Not sure on new headphones,
    but leaning towards Abyss Phi.
    Zenvota likes this.
  2. Zenvota
    You've got some expensive tastes, Sir. :O
  3. serman005
    Welcome aboard!!
  4. Jimbo2me
    Hi zenvota, it keeps me off the streets, This always has been an expensive hobby.

    Thank you serman005 !
  5. buke9
    Did think the new TT2 +M scaler was really nice and the Ether 2’s were a joy to listen to from it. The Abyss don’t know as they are not as horrible to drive as some make them out to be. At RMAF they had a 2 watt amp running them and it was more than enough. Don’t have the Phi’s but do have the originals and my Cavalli Liquid Carbon does them justice.
  6. Jimbo2me
    Hi Buke9,
    Thank you for your thoughts
  7. Svenrolic
    Hey there!

    Jesus man, let us know what you think of it if you end up getting the Abyss. I can't seem to locate a dealer that carries them in Korea.

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