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Hi Fi Retailer and snake oil

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by old tech, Feb 25, 2018.
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  1. old tech
    I thought you guys might have a chuckle over this.

    A friend of mine in Sydney is in the market for a CD/SACD/music streamer and came across this Arcam unit at a supposedly well known retailer. Right on the information page for that streamer there is a FAQ on the "vinyl and digital debate". Not only is the FAQ snake oil, some of the claims (endorphins from vinyl's high frequencies) are crank material. And to print this nonsense on a page where someone is looking for digital products and then complain about the demise of hi fi retailers...

  2. music_man
    Notice Arcam themselves did not say that afaik. They are right proper English gentleman. I am absolutely not trying to be racist but I find a high occurrence of retailers that say wish-wash in OZ. Of course like way more in just Chicago alone so do not feel bad lol. I think someone looking for a nice piece knows it is bs. Why they do that then remains a mystery. I had found other retailers say what amounted to a joke about Grado in OZ. Again, not trying to be racist I actually find it funny they think people are dumb. they are not. It might be because the sheer amount of those goods is less than say us or japan. it is still insulting to people anywhere.
  3. old tech
    Yes it is the retailer saying that, not Arcam. My guess is that the retailer is one of those deluded vinylphiles. But why the retailer would write that nonsense when someone looking at that website page is potentially interested in purchasing a digital product is beyond me.
  4. music_man
    it is because some people think vinyl sounding is the benchmark you must match. stupid. digital is a different thing and fine in it's own right. actually arcam might be offended by that if they knew. that does not look like a small store though. so even worse of them. that would be like in the us if crutchfield said that. like saying what a prius has in common with a corvette lol.. it makes no sense. I would not buy unless good price and you just know what you want. otherwise go somewhere else.
  5. Redcarmoose
  6. castleofargh Contributor
    as Rihanna would say, I may be dumb but I'm not stupid.
    people can't know what they don't know, they're only victims. some more willing than others... but still victims. a seller on the other hand is responsible for what he says and writes. I expect that to be true at a legal level in most countries.
  7. music_man
    I meant people in that market for that equipment tend to know about it. I did not mean the entire population in general. I should have qualified my statement as such. People are mostly civil on this forum. It seems high end car forums are full of trolls because most likely few people own those. I am done joining car sites. I do own supercars and wished to discuss them as we discuss audio here. Rather I was met with ignorance. I guess that explains the general population perhaps but maybe not "Audiophiles". I agree the "average" sample is dumb. However it would be interesting to see the demographics of people that own different value audio systems. I do not feel people are victims because many of the worst off people rose above. People are content with where they are in life in many instances. However I never knew until this election what the "average" US Citizen was like and that I happened to be in the .5%. I mean I feel average but apparently not even close. In regard to being dumb I posses a post graduate degree. I guess I too am actually dumb because I think this is what average is. I honestly live in a bubble I guess.

    Anyways the point of lying regarding intellectual property may not even be legal on the part of that Website. In many instances you cannot legally just fabricate what you wish. I do not know the laws in AU. I imagine they are similar to here. However I will say anyone that buy's into that is indeed Dumb lol. On the flipside there is a ton of BS to weed through in Audiophildome. I personally do not often apply science to audio. It is more emotional. I go by if I like the sound. The differences in large price gaps are often easily noticeable but not always. I just posted about a guy making very high end speakers who applied a new design thus ruining his $85,000 bookshelf speaker. I trust my ears and do not usually look at graphs or specs. often a 100wpc amp will outdo a 1,000wpc amp. That means nothing. everyone should know 200wpc will drive almost any load but does it sound good? We can discuss those things here outside of science forum but for a retailer to do so I think might be a No-No. Not sure in AU though. No reputable dealer would say that much about it anyways. I did not even see what that thing cost but really high end stuff they rarely say much. You use your ears. I do not even care if the graph is horrible if it sounds good to me. Hence, Grado.
  8. bigshot
    Audiophiles aren't always focused on good sound. Most of the time, they're focused on prestige and hubris at knowing about things other people don't know about- regardless if what they think is correct or not. Audio salesmen play into that and tell the customers what they want to hear. I used to think that it was the salesmen's fault for spewing nonsense. I've come to realize that this kind of bologna is exactly what audiophiles want. If you try to give them the straight dope, they get angry.
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  9. bigshot
    I can think of a million better ways to feel good without spending a whole bunch of money on superfluous and overpriced audio equipment.
  10. castleofargh Contributor
    I understand that Trump would come to mind when even as a non US citizen it's hard for me to have a week go by without hearing of something outrageous he said as if it was common sense. but
    it's in the TOS right below how we're the exclusive hosts of ABX and blind test discussions.
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  11. bfreedma
    Thank you

    This is one of the few sites I count on to not be inundated with political talk and hope it stays that way.

    We are occasionally at pitchforks and torches here when posting on the efficacy (or not) and directionality of "audiophile" fuses - can you imagine where political discourse would go....
  12. bigshot
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  13. bfreedma

    Didn't see that response coming. But you never know what's next in the :microphone2::microscope: forums!
  14. castleofargh Contributor
    but now if they are both dumb, everybody is happy because everybody is right to think the other is dumb.
    "2+2 is 4, minus 1 that's 3, quick math. "
  15. music_man
    Let me tell you about this incredibly stupid guy I heard of. I mean this guy was dumb beyond belief. Made Hellen keller look super talented.......so this guy's name kind of escapes me but if I remember correctly it was something like Albert Einstein? Oh yeah and Neil Tyson is pretty darn dumb too. I think saying everyone is dumb is well, dumb! "average" people, yeah perhaps. plenty of brilliant people out there and some getting paid accordingly. Bill Gates is dumb too, right? By that logic. Yeah he is really stoopid! Collectively the great minds are a minority but they are around. In between you find plenty of fine Doctors, Attorneys and such. Still, due to events I will not mention it came to my attention that more people are dumb than I had known of lol.

    On topic okay Shakti stones I do not quite understand but I will go so far as to drop thousands on a cable. Perhaps more money than brains myself. Take my word for it I am not the common dumb but simply have enough dough to roll like that. Dumb nonetheless I guess. That action, not everything I partake in.

    I cannot believe this is the science forum. I guess we are all dumber than we know.
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