Hi everyone ! I need some advice
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New Head-Fier
Sep 29, 2015
Hello users of head-fi, I’ve read your forums multiple times in search of advice, and while I need more now, I’ve been certainly satisfied with what I’ve read and learned, so first thank you for what you’ve done all these years o/
Now here’s my problem : I currently have a Sennheiser HD 219, and while I’m absolutely satisfied by this low-cost headphones (I bought them 20€), I’ve learned multiple methods of "tuning" them to greatness.
The first thing I want to do is get myself a sound card (read DAC+amp), and this is where I’m torn : I want a FiiO E07K, because with it’s apparently superb quality/price ratio, I also have access to onboard bass and treble controls, which would save me the trouble of messing with the EQ on Poweramp, lol.
But I also tend to think that it might be overkill with the headphones I currently have, and worse yet, have a chance of blowing up my headphones because of their low impedance (16 Ohm).
I’m also comparing the different ways I could use my headphones : for now my Samsung Galaxy Camera has the best audio performance, followed by the PC, but the PC has a better EQ (EqualizerAPO). I wonder if getting a DAC like this one would actually be a bargain worth it (75 €), or if my headphones are still too weak of quality to hear any kind of difference in clarity.
I’ve heard multiple reports of people buying this one and be "wowed" (like the difference is like day and night), but I still need more precise, maybe more "objective" answers.
Thanks in advance for your responses !

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