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Hi all

  1. twiz 8
    hey, wanted to interduce myself i am new to the site cant wait to build a mobile set up and improve on it with all of your insight.
  2. Audiobyte
    Hi!  I'm new myself.  Been lurking here for a while but finally got the time to create a profile and join the forum.
  3. blufox4900
    Welcome to Head-fi dudes
    Sorry about your wallet
  4. Vikingatheart
    Indeed, my sincere apologies for your wallets. Oh yeah, welcome to Head-fi. 
  5. classakg


    Welcome to head-fi boys, see you around. 
  6. sithlord
    I ran into this site while trying to find some more information before buying Sennhesier HD595s, and after reading these forums for a while as a guest I decided I should join in. So here I am. :)
    Hope I will learn a lot here... :)
  7. revolink24
    Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your thi-er, wait, wallet.
  8. sithlord
    Well thank you! :)
    And I am not feeling bad for my wallet since I grabbed those cans as used, while in fact they were just used on a demo show. That said, almost brand new with 2 year warranty and $90. :)
  9. desktophifi
    Your wallet will hurt after being a member for few weeks. [​IMG]
    Welcome to head-fi! 
  10. revolink24
    A few weeks? Try 3 years and 2700 posts later....
  11. soundaddicted


    No money left. [​IMG]
  12. vladimirK702
    Im sorry for your wallet guys, mine's starting to hurt already. [​IMG]

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