HFI780 and XFI Xtreme Music = Piercing highs
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Jun 9, 2009
Hello everyone,
I purchased a monster turbine about 2 months ago.
After not being satisfied at all with them (at 120hrs burnin) , I bought a Xfi xtreme music and HFI780s (Used with 150hrs of burnin) hoping for a better sound.
Still not satisfied at all , my background is an Edifier R451 home theater which has its flaws but still quite good. Even plugged on an onboard audio card they sounded really pleasant (At least more than both headphones).
I choosed the HFI780 because of its visceral impact. I was hoping for a bigger impact to say the least.
My question is . Do they need an amp to sound really good? Or they are just the way Im hearing and would improve very little with the proper amplification ?
Switching between the onboard and Xfi with the 780s. I noticed that the XFI provide a more detailed , extremely fatiguing sound due to the piercing highs and lack of bass comparing to the onboard soundcard, that doesnt drive the 780s quite well , the volume is very low with them.
So, Should I try other headphones hoping for a better sound signature or should I look into amps and better sources ? I noticed that even If I amplify the 780s , they still are not what im looking for. I think I prefer a darker sound signature , and I need a soundstage with depth, not only wide.
Regarding their bass impact, The only one that I think could be considered to be pair with the 780s is the Ed9 ? I know that they are in another level and even unable to be compared, But I mean only regarding their impact.
Im confused. I feel that the 780s do provide a very punchy and tight bass. But I think I want real speakers impact feeling. As I was adviced before. Maiby I should try an Open dark flat and confortable headphone with a nice subwoofer.
I did this with the 780s and the result was quite good. Kinda weird due to the fact that the 780s are to fast and the music got a little messed up, I was using two soundcards also. The response time may have had been the problem.
PS: I listen to many genres but the genre that requiry most impact is eletronica and its what I listen most of the time.
Any advices ?
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Well as far as my experience goes HFI 780s are pretty efficient. And I could certainly say that your problem isn't with the headphones.

First of all remove all the X-FI enhancements as they won't do any good. And secondly make sure that your hardware settings are perfect.
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hmmm- i use an x-fi and would call it a pretty bassy source. check the multitude of settings.
be sure to check the treble and bass sliders in the system tray volume icon
check the eq
check the crystalizer
check the cmss3d
check your thx settings
check the bass boost settings.

some of these settings change depending on the mode and speaker settings selected.

get the idea? confusing. lots of peeps have posted in forums about how they cant get their x-fi to sound right. that sound card should be able to make your headphones pound with bass (i have had those headphones btw)
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The HFI780 (and Proline 750) is known for piercing highs (which is why I would not consider buying it). The HFI580 seems more like the sound you're wanting. Burn in, source, and amping factor in to how it sounds. And so not everyone's going to have this problem. I recall some re-cabled theirs. Search "HFI780".

I used to own the Ultrasone Proline 650 from a cheap sound card and enjoyed it with bassy electronica. Its highs about blew my ears out while cranking it up to enjoy the great bass.

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