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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Silent One
    Good to see you re-engage. Any Swans sitting inside your living room (Shindo gear)? Did you at least reach out to Matt (Pitch Perfect Audio)? 
  2. driver 8

  3. MuppetFace
    I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer last week.
    It's in my mouth, likely caused by the medication I have to take. The cells are well differentiated, which is "good," and it doesn't seem to be a particularly aggressive kind. I'll be getting more scans later, and hopefully it hasn't gotten into my jaw, otherwise they'll need to replace that with bone from my leg. As it is, they need to remove the afflicted area and replace it with skin grafts, which includes part of my bottom lip. Going to need some plastic surgery as a result.
    Further complicating things is my lack of immune system due to medication as well as being on blood thinners.
    I'll be in the hospital for a week or so with a temporary tracheotomy. Then it's radiation every day for six weeks, just to make sure everything bad is eliminated.
    Anyway, more updates to come at some point.
  4. Idsynchrono_24
    Aw ****. This is a hell of a diary post to wake up to. I almost flipped when I saw this come up in my email, but luckily, you caught it early. I hope it all goes off without a hitch. I lost my dad to cancer so it's a particularly tough subject to me. You'll be in my thoughts Romy.
  5. Mimouille
    ****, I will not list who I have lost to cancer to stay positive, also because I know many who overcame. Good thing it is well isolated. All my thoughts and support, let me know if you need help with something.
  6. Idsynchrono_24
    Yeah, good point. Positivity is a crucial mental element to the equation, which is to say **** cancer, you got this Romy. Sharks gotta keep swimmin' yo
  7. gelocks
    **** cancer!!!!
    Hope you get well soon MF! I know you will!!! :)
    You'll be in our thoughts and keep us posted!
  8. james444 Contributor
    ^ This!!! ****** news. But then again your life up till now hasn't been easy either, and you know how to fight. All the best and get well soon!    sharkfin_64.gif  
  9. jgray91
    My thoughts go to you MF. This is one hell of a news to come back to... You've caught the bastard in the early stages, so all the best and get well soon!
  10. DigitalFreak
    I just saw this this morning. I'm so sorry Romy
  11. joe Administrator
    Stay strong, Romy. Sending positive vibes your way. If I've gathered anything from reading your posts, it's that you're a fighter and will kick all of the requisite butt to overcome.
  12. Silent One
    Romy, You are in my thoughts and prayers, both positive in nature. And know you are not alone...get well soon!
  13. compoopers
    MF, fight on! We're all rooting for you.
  14. MuppetFace
    Latest updates:
    Had surgery roughly two weeks ago. They found two other cancerous spots in my mouth, but everything they can see has been removed. Will have radiation and light chemo to knock out anything left on the microscopic level. My mouth has "field mutation," so it's just prone to cancer as a whole; I'll need to have it closely monitored going forward.
    Surgery was rough. They had to remove bone from my leg to give me a new jaw in one area. Missing 'bout half my bottom teeth. Waking up in the ICU was pure hell; those were two of the hardest days of my life. I was sedated with Propofol lmao. Once I was transferred to an actual room, things got [relatively] better.
    I'm up walking around w/o a walker. Hopefully they'll remove the remaining drains and my trachea tube soon.
    Still can't close my mouth, however. Drool city.
    Also means I have to be tube feed.
    The things I'd do for a pepperoni pizza....
    I want to thank everyone for their support. From the bottom of my heart.
    The well wishes, messages, and cards have all been so very touching. I truly appreciate it.
    More updates to come!
  15. Mimouille
    Seems like it has been a tough procedure but the worst is hopefully behind you. All my thoughts.
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