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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Coq de Combat
    Thanks guys.

  2. mutabor
    A boy fell on blind audition of the show Voice Russia kids

  3. Coq de Combat
    So here we are again, committed to the psychiatric ward. Don't know for how long, but they treat me well here so this time around could be a game changer.
  4. Mimouille
    Man that is rough. Hope you get better...hope you have some people to support you too.
  5. Coq de Combat

    Thanks man

    This is a new ward for me. They seem nicer than in other places though.

    Edit: Damn, things feels a lot easier when I have another nutcase to talk to, but when it's dark and the lights go out, it becomes almost unbearable. The staff is absolutely one of the best psych staff I've been through and I've been to several psych wards in the recent decades. ****. I wish there was an off switch on me.

    The obligatory Swedish music from your resident Swedish **** up.

    Also, as a bonus, the illest lyricist alive:

  6. jgray91
    Damn. Here I am about to complain about my first sleepless night preparing proposal documents and stuff for submission in a couple hours... And CdC is havingas rougher time.

    Stay together man. Be the raging river that erodes the earth.

    Well at least before humans came along with their fancy dams and such.

    But then you can be a hurricane or something next!
  7. Silent One
    Hang in there, CdC! [​IMG]
  8. Coq de Combat
    Thanks my friends. I had my first session of ECT in ten years today. The feeling is ... indescribable. Like a bad hangover with no regrets. Headache, tired, you feel like you've fought the wrong sumo, yet you know you've done nothing wrong, no alcohol and that this beating is for your health.
  9. C.C.S.
    That sounds kinda rough. I'm glad to hear you're doing something positive for yourself, though. I hope that it goes well and that the benefits of such therapy outweigh any mental or physical stresses it puts on you.
  10. Coq de Combat
    Oh, and I forgot, the memory goes to **** while on ECT. You forget a lot. Important stuff too.
  11. mutabor
    Russian writer Leo Tolstoy in his 50-s wanted to commit suicide being mentally and physically healthy. His crisis was a necessary lesson which led him to discover life in Inner Self through the path of self-renunciation. He described his experience in his book A Confession.
  12. anetode
    Ten years is really very good, you should give yourself credit for that! You know it'll get easier further through the course and even the memory aspect gets better some time after the sessions. Good luck and stick with it [​IMG]
  13. barleyguy
    Though this is probably undiplomatic, I need to jump in here and say that ECT is something I'm strongly opposed to. I'm not just speaking from the peanut gallery here. A few years ago I actually fought a state hospital to keep them from shocking a friend of mine. But I'll probably keep my mouth shut beyond this post, because this is not something I'm neutral on, in any sense.
    In my opinion the benefits are generally short term, and the side effects can be long term or permanent. Also, the psychiatric establishment (in the US specifically in this particular point, but maybe other places as well) has bypassed FDA regulation for safety testing.
    For the "anti" side of the argument, with some good evidence, here are some resources:
    http://www.ect.org (not updated in quite a while, but a large quantity of content)
  14. DigitalFreak
    Hey guys long time no chat. How are things going Coq? Stay strong fellow bopper.
  15. Coq de Combat
    I don't know. Been here doing the ect narc dance a couple of weeks already, still I go suicidal to my hospital bed. If anything, I love getting sedated but that's it. I have some friends who care though, but my parents kicked me out while in hospital so when they kick me to the curb from psych, I'll be homeless. Oh well...
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