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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Coq de Combat
    Glad to be of help. We have a lot of good singers out here. I think music is one of the biggest exports we have. Music, Absolut and IKEA.
    Let's not forget Anna Ternheim, which I think you'll like if you like Gonzales:

    Which is a beautiful cover of one of my favorite swedish rock songs by a band called Broder Daniel:

    Broder Daniel is kind of a one-of-a-kind band, raising pretty much a whole generation of swedish "poppers". Girls looked more beautiful than ever, and us boys, well, we looked ..

    How I looked, you can see here: https://myspace.com/288016416/photos
    And for something else, I have a date booked with an ... aspiring judge of court. She's a lawyer, and stuff, and used to work in the EU court and is super nice, friendly and cute, and I have no idea why she's not looking for other people in her own socioeconomic/education level. I'm just a fellow working with science data (and kind of worried because of a past conviction). On the other hand, it's probably better not to ask too many questions, and just enjoy life, right?
  2. Mimouille
    Thanks again.
    Do not question potentiel happiness before it happens!
  3. Coq de Combat
    I'm an expert at questioning such matters, but I think about time to change that. For all I know she just wants a good time, and not do a full background check on me and so on. Which, of course, would be a deal breaker for myself if my dates would be doing background checks on me. LOL
    Just nerves I guess.
  4. Coq de Combat
    Let's not forget my obligatory friday post:

    rebecca-black-friday-1.gif rebecca-black-friday-5.gif rebecca-black-friday-1.gif

    rebecca-black-friday-1.gif rebecca-black-friday-5.gif rebecca-black-friday-1.gif
  5. mutabor
  6. Mimouille
    I feel weirdly aroused by these Russian? Austrian? dancers. No dance for me I am working tomorrow, some weird Chinese holiday catch up stuff. I am the boss so I could just not go but...giving the example.
  7. Coq de Combat

    Holy crap, hahahaha!! That's amazingly mesmerizing, or mesmerizingly amazing!
  8. mutabor
    Love that video. Glad that Chinese are starting to compete with Japanese and Koreans.

  9. Coq de Combat
    I love absurd videos.
    Also, RIP Nimoy, you lived long and propered...
  10. mutabor

  11. C.C.S.
    Oh my goodness. I had no idea that there was a new Muppet diary/chat/whatever thread. Finally somewhere on Head-Fi I can lurk and occasionally post something on again. It's been too long.
    @ Coq,
    I've read your posts in this thread from the last several months up to today, and I must say that I'm very sorry you had to face so much negativity in such a short period of time. I hope you're beginning to find things to feel positive about again and that you'll improve as time passes. I don't know you as well as the regulars here in this thread, but I'd like to express my sincere wish that you will come away from all this and be able to live happily.
  12. Coq de Combat
    Mutebor, the aesthetics of that video really doesn't fit the music. Weird, but good.
    CCS, thank you for the warming words. At times I think things are moving forward, but then sometimes I find myself back at square one. On one hand it's ... good, I suppose, since it shows that I'm trying to progress, but on the other hand it's a bit tiresome.
  13. mutabor
    How about this?

  14. C.C.S.
    All I can say to that is that you've gotta keep trying, regardless of how tiresome it gets. Believe, or hope, that the effort will pay off in the end. If you continue to try hard, I'm certain that you'll be rewarded for it, in some way or another.
  15. barleyguy
    The video is very eastern european. or Russian. I'm not sure you could ever get American teenagers to wear those outfits. The "weirdness" may also have some cultural roots.
    Not a criticism at all; I actually like it. Just a comment on the differences between cultures.
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