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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Coq de Combat

    That's true! Good point, actually. It happened to me once that it got shut down by Google because of using music like that, like when I was uploading or something like that. They must have some damned good algorithms going on there at youtube, because I sincerely doubt they have some music nerd sitting and listening through useless videos like mine. Imagine how things were when the Roman Empire ruled Europe - no computerized algorithms for finding music, just the knowledge of the people picking in stones.
    *tok tok tok* Heeeyyy, dude, I know this part, 'Then he said,...' .. this is already written .. can't write this dude, it's plagiarism man .. come one .. I can lose my head for this **** you're trying to pull off! No way, I'm just not writing this!
    Also, you guys tried Tinder?
    I installed it this saturday and I already got like 40 matches. It's a huge ego boost, even though I don't think none of them is going to work. You never know, but the thing is, it's just fun talking to someone new behind a screen. It sorta lifts a weight off of my shoulders with the social anxiety and all that jazz.
    Also, Tinder is a ******* meat market. Seriously, seriously shallow. I mean, you approve people by their picture!!!
    I use this:
    It seems to work a lot better than in real life, which is of course a bit misleading (I don't look that good), so now I'm never gonna change it! Moahaha.
    Some girl, 26 y/o, started talking to me yesterday morning and it ended up with talks of her liking sadists and that I should have some porn on my phone of her, disguised by blueberries. I mean, dude! 26 years old blueberry porn! She's a gamer (like video games) and a 9gag:er though, so she's probably bound to be a bit weird.
    Also, I'm talks with some non-blueberry porn women around my age as well, one of them working just across the street. Super cute and we're sharing old French music while joking in general. I think she's in love with vintage and retro because she looks like she's from the 50's with the hair and everything.
    Man, try Tinder. It's fun for making contact and working on your verbal skills. I don't know if it's good for serious hooking up. Still just a noob.
  2. gikigill
    Good job mate!

    Great to hear you moving forward with life.
  3. Coq de Combat
    Thanks man, yeah, life goes on. Honestly, the response from those girls has been a great motivator for moving on. No hopes for anything, but still, the mere fact that they're going out of their way to message me and so on is a great anti-depressant.
  4. jgray91

    They have seriously scary efficient algorithms and bots handling all the copyright stuff, and no-questions-asked 3-strike DMCA takedown system, that it's been almost cancerous to a lot of Youtubers making honest money on Youtube. See, the DMCA thing is so easy to use that anyone with even and iota of intelligence could abuse it to censor and wreck Youtubers. Of course if it's abused that way. What if it's just the bot doing it's programmed thing? Google is famous for not listening to appeals for a long periods of time, from what I read.

    .............maybe I should try it........ But I don't think I can handle a relationship right now. I'm trying to save up for a rainy, nay, floody day, considering how the MYR is doing. Which is not pretty.
  5. Coq de Combat
    On the other hand, Shazaam and their likes, have scary good algorithms too. I tried on a christmas song this last christmas, and it picked right down to the very special version of the album. Extremely impressive, to say the least. Also, since they integrated Shazaam (I think) to Siri it's been super easy to just pick up my phone in the car, ask Siri who's playing and get the correct answer right away, just to head on to Spotify and search for it. I really hope that some day Spotify will get some form of integration to Siri. For the time being it only wants to send me packing to the iTunes Store.
    "Siri, look up the song I'm listening to, on Spotify"
    "Here you go, God. I live to serve."
    Yeah, I told Siri to call me God. She always sounds so happy when she calls me God..
    As for Tinder, yeah, do that. If not for anything else but for the lulz. It's so disgusting swiping people away for all eternity just because they have a zit on their nose, or something along those lines. I don't even want to know how many have swiped me away. Anyway, the interesting part is that this is probably how we choose people in real life too, at least from first impressions. Yet I always find myself falling in love with those normal looking girls who have something in their personality that I really dig. Anyway, now we're goofing around about crazy science, me and that woman from the school next door. Apparently she'd like to volunteer for sleep studies, but only she gets paid and could make a career out of it. She's very charming and endearing, and actually around my age. Oh well...
  6. Coq de Combat
    Pretty interesting. I do sometimes argue that higher resolution may seem like a waste of space since we probably can't discern enough of a difference to justify the difference in space. I do however fully understand and respect the argument that some people hear that extra oomph and spatial upgrade in sound quality. I just don't really hear myself, especially when not fully focusing on the sound quality instead of everything else outside of my headphones.
    Of course, it seems that most people, including the blog I linked to, are probably biased towards one of the particular sides of this. Still I ask myself, do I really want higher bitrates when it takes up more space, takes longer to transfer and download, not to mention that it costs more if I buy it legitimately? All for little to no difference in perceived sound quality (to me)...
  7. jgray91

    That's some complex you got lol.

    But seriously, Siri can do that? The calling you by whatever you set, I mean.

  8. Coq de Combat

    Yep, Siri can do that!
  9. mutabor
    That sounds like the movie Her. I mean a relationship with an operating system. [​IMG]

  10. Coq de Combat
    I loved that movie. It just doesn't work with Siri. Every time I try to be a little romantic with her, she gives me a bunch of ******** about her not being human or something.

    ******** thing not to give me a straight answer. "it's not you God, it's me..." :confused_face:
  11. warrenpchi Administrator
    Getting back to music for a moment...

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  12. mutabor
    Time for music

  13. jgray91

    Doing this in mobile. The suffering is real.
  14. Coq de Combat

  15. jgray91

    Crazy for this, but that price though....

    I mean, how can I not want this????


    Just like how I want the Mo-Fi, because it's some sort of weird hedonistic overengineering decadence.

    Unless if it sounds absolutely crap. Like the Beyer Custom One Pro. Not worth the vain and petty reason such as "It has printable art plates!!". On the other hand, the M100 too almost seem not worth it for me for the same petty reason. The M100 at least doesn't sound like a mess of variable bassport eldritch amalgamation. Kudos to VModa for making a great sounding bassy headphones.
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