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Well mine are here, the good points..

They sound great, considering the time it takes my ears to adjust to a different pair of cans they gave my Ultrasone 2500s a run for their money straight out the box.

The bad points..

They are Grado. The cable was twisted around (to fit in the box) and any gasps of delight at how thick it was soon vanished as it was as flat as a pancake at the twist. I can only assume most of it's size is the plastic covering.

It's also woefully short, I have my hi fi two feet away beside my bed and even this is proving annoying, the usual Grado V shape on my chest - would a single sided Grado be too much to ask?

I'm a little annoyed at the cable, it's either a deliberate case of embelllishing them - which at worst is sneaky. As long as the cable does it's job a thinner one would be less cumbersome.

Did I mention they sound great, am I wrong to expect more?

It's an 8 conductor wire, the thin ones are 4 conductor. It is indeed too short IMO.
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Well, they sound SO good that I could forgive them for the scrimps and the short cable.

But seriously speaking, the cable is indeed quite short but thankfully I do my listening near my desk with all my audio gears on top of it.
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Okay, day late with the photos, K3cT. Sorry for the "snapshot" quality, but I didn't feel like running a studio setup for obvious reasons. After looking at the dark-brown vs. black...it seems that either color would go well with your HF2, so I'd defer to your personal taste. Hope this helped you out, bro.


JMoney Pad vs. Grado Stock


JMoney Pad vs. Grado Stock (optional view)


JMoney Pad vs. Grado Stock (naked)


JMoney Pad Dark-Brown vs. Black


JMoney Pad Dark-Brown vs. Black (optional view)


JMoney Pad Dark-Brown vs. Black (optional view)
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Originally Posted by K3cT /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Spiffy, bro.

On first glance, the JMoney pad seems slightly thicker and longer but significantly wider. One last thing, is it easy to install these?

I just wanted to ask the same.
Is it a real advantage in wearing?
On my head the original Grado pad always is not in parallel to the head surface (in front higher).

Edit: found this link
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Any suggestion for the extension cable for HF-2?
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any decent extension cable works. I use mogami with 4pins on either end, but I got my hf1s reterminated to 4pin approximately 10 minutes after picking them up at canjam...
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will 15' Grado Extension Cable work with this? I mean, will the thickness of cables equal?
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I would love the hear the HF-2 some time. Any going to be at the Rocky Mountain Fest?
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i think the extension is the old 4wire and hf2 is new 8wire cable.

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