Hey I need a suggestion for a replacement of my Sony MDR -V900's for primarily DJ use...
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May 15, 2010
Hey all,
My place was broken into a few days ago and some crackheads stole my DJ stuff along with my beloved Sony V900's. I am looking for some suggestions on a good replacement. These things have been my babies for the last like 15 years and I need some suggestions for a comparable or better replacement. Price is not as much of an object (within reason <$500???) and I would like a pair that took as much torture and abuse as my V900's and still play as flawlessly as the day I bought them. 
I am guessing that the suitable replacements are the 7509's? I heard something about an extended range new version of the V900's (the CD900ST??)
What about the new 1000's? I believe there are 2 models - the 1000XB which look kinda bulky for DJ use... and the Z1000's... or even the 7520's. Thoughts?
I also could be interested in another brand... but I have always had Sony's and they have served me well. I heard mixed opinions of the Beats by Dre headphones, and I did "hear" them, but didn't fully really listen critically to them, so I don't have much of an opinion. 
If I can get some suggestion of a headphone in the $300-$500 range that will be durable and have excellent sound quality geared towards DJ usage, but will also work well for audiophile listening. I suppose there is better headphones than the V900's now but I really liked them. They handled an incredible amount of abuse with both volume and handling. Still were like brand new even after 15 years of torture.
What say you?
Thanks in advance.
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You have not considered the staple, workhorses you see around fellow DJ's?
These include :-
Sennheiser HD 25 II (Every DJ and his dog has a pair of these, fully part replaceable)
Shure 750DJ (Beats, Bass and Trance head orientated)
Pioneer HDJ1000 (Popular and they look tough, never heard them)
Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro (Working DJ's headphone, my recommendation)
AKG K181 (Another very decent headphone)
All well under budget.
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stay away from the shure-they break easily on the plastic headband sliders.
the beyers are built like a tank but not foldable and the cups dont swivel.
the pioneers are popular but will eventually break though it takes a while. 
the senns or beyers are best bets for durability
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I own the mdr-z1000 and wouldn't consider them for dj'ing purposes. They lack the attack/quantity von bass that help out on certain mixes.
Hd 25-II are for real. I hate them for casual litening, but for dj'ing they are perfect. They are built like a tank, lightweight, everything is user replaceable and they are very forward and punchy. This makes for an easy mix.
The 7509's would be good too. But the hd25's are more robust and forward sounding.
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Why wouldn't you repurchase the V900's if you loved them so much. I also loved them so much. And I repurchased a pair when the first pair wore out after a decade of playing gigs.
One thing you'll be hard pressed to find in a headphone is the incredible output level the V900's have (3,000 MW!!!!), which is great in a pinch when you're behind the decks and need to really hear something. I have played with many headphones, and none of them can handle what the V900 can. My Sennheisers blew up with distortion. There will be a lot of good insightful replies, but alot of these folks haven't been bent over the mixer in the throws of a rockin mix. 
Edit: Not to mention, they're durable as HELL!
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. This is exactly what I am looking for. 
SoundFreaq - I Agree with your logic. I loved my V900's a lot. I just thought that maybe there were a few advancements in headphones over the years on that design. They seriously can handle the volume. I don't think that I have ever heard them cry uncle. It says in your sig that you have a pair of the V900HD's... are they noticeably better? Those were the ones that I was leaning towards.
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... It says in your sig that you have a pair of the V900HD's... are they noticeably better? Those were the ones that I was leaning towards.

No, the V900 "HD" isn't necessarily better per se, it's basically the same thing. A few years ago, the V900 was slightly redesigned and they renamed it with the HD added on the end. So, in effect, it is the newest and most updated version. It's lighter weight now. They replaced the metal end caps with plastic. I don't feel they are any less durable, but they are lighter. The originals were pretty beefy. They have the same drivers in them from what I can tell. For me, I wouldn't mix with anything else. I think the HD version is the only one available today. I couldn't find any of the "originals" when I bought mine several months ago. 

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