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Hey guys, looking for something to use while running and general outdoor activity

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  1. loghead
    The only thing I'd caution you a bit on is that many think the TF10s have recessed mids, which I noticed more at first going from the Shure SE535, but now it isn't nearly as noticeable. I am going with a custom cable to bring the mids forward a bit and expand the soundstage, but the sound signature on the TF10 overall would do well with the genres you listed.
  2. Xandal
    I've already decided on picking up the MEE M6 since they're on sale for like 15 bucks.  I'm gonna grab those for my exercising and I'd like some high fidelity ones for everything else mobile.
    So, I won't regret purchasing the TF10s?
  3. loghead
    Not for the price, no.
    Let me put it this way, I haven't listened to my Shure SE535 since I got the TF10s. The shures mids are amazing, but I prefer every other aspect of the TF10s.
    It's not a 100% slam dunk though, some people hate the fit or the recessed mids, but I personally think claims of both are over exaggerated. If you'd rather spend the extra money on your perfect pair of universals, you should do more listening and researching since you've already solved your exercise headphone problem. There are better universal IEMs in your price range, but the TF10 is arguably the best value. 
  4. MaxwellDemon
    You are never going to get a definite answer with whether the TF10 is going to be an absolute fit to you -- because every ears are different. The TF10 are good phones though, have a treble and bass focused sound signature, and have a funny way of wearing it. [​IMG]
    There is no amount of assuring that an expensive phone will be fitting for you (there are a lot of amazing earphones that have some users complaining lackluster performances from there). The best way to check it out is to demo it... but if you can't, try to buy it from a shop that allows you to return it if it isn't the earphones for you.
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