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Hesitating to pull the trigger

  1. ddoyle777
    I've been reading for days to decide on my first pair of CIEMs and it seems like the more I read the more I hesitate. I currently use the 535s and I really like the isolation and sound, so I thought that CIEMs would give me more of all that I enjoy, but...

    The more I read the more I complaints I come across about getting a good mold from an audiologist. I live in NH and it seems the audiologists, even though recommended by Westone, or JHAudio, are not inspiring my confidence. I'm real reluctant to spend over a kilobuck and then have the experience ruined by the $50 setup process.

    So, here is my question: Is that a valid concern? What percent of users have had to send back their monitors for a refit? I realize that this is a guess, but head-fiers will make the best educated guess!

    How many of you just gave up because you couldn't get the fit right?

    I guess what I'm looking for is a bit of reassurance that the trouble to get CIEMs is worth it.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    The CIEMs are mostely done right because the impression but if somebody have curve in earcanal or other issues then may experience difficaltey for fit. If impression goes right(as stated on most CIEMs sites, guidance for right impression) then soundquality of highend CIEMs are amazing and many universal IEMs  include SE535 cannot come close because higher resolution soundquality, wider bigger soundstage, superb imaging, instruments placement and bass impact.
  3. EveTan
    If you do find the fit bothersome, and have to do a refit (I do), what would you do? I might have that curve in earcanal thing or some other complication because my impressions came out perfectly. I have a new set for my left side which is slightly loose. But is it as simple as just sending the CIEM back with new impressions? What if they do the same mistake and it ends up not helping.
  4. jlesnick
    I recently upgraded from my se535's to the JH 16's.  I'm having slight fit issues--the seal is not great.  Even with a poor seal, the sound is leaps and bounds better than the shure's.  I'm too attached to send them back in, I will soon.  But I really wouldn't worry about fit issues, just follow the instruction and hope for the best!
  5. Mooses9
    its a very valid concern, even more so if the audiologist dont get the impressions just so, i would definitly go to a specialist one that will particularly take special concern in doing the impressions just right. but even so you still could run into issues with fitment depending on where you are sending off your iems or having the iems made.
    even with great impressions like the op said you could run into other fitment issues.
    i also agree and disagree, yes ciems can sound alot better then universal iem however they are also more than likely using more drivers,crossovers and other specialties in achieving those higher resolutions.
    if you get great seal with the 535 they can provide as much if not more isolation than a ciem esp if the fitment isnt just so. for instance the jh 16 pro advertise -26db of isolation where as the 535 advertise -37db of noise isolation.
    all in all if you go to a good audiologist and they make the impressions and they come out good. it really comes down to the mfg of the ciems as to weather or not the fitment is going to become a issue.... i know of ppl doing their down impressions and dont have fitment issues, i know of people having audiologist impressions and running into issues....basicly you have to take the needed steps to insure fitment doesnt become a issue, however there are always un for seen issues that cannot be avoided and unfortunately may need to be send back to be corrected.
  6. sunninho
    Fit is really important and going to an audiologist who knows what s/he is doing and who has done many hundreds of them is the key.  I'm lucky to have access to some of the best audiologists here in LA.  You may want to check out other major cities NY or NE.  It'll be worth your while to schedule an appointment with someone who's mastered CIEM impression-making, especially within entertainment and music.
    And believe everyone who's taken the leap, usually "blind" because there's no way to know what they sound like until you have your own custom pair, that the journey only leads to great rewards :)  Compared to some of the best cans that I've owned and heard, CIEMs blow them away with the full combination of isolation, convenience, comfort and sound - paired with the right gear of course :wink:
  7. ddoyle777
    Thanks for all your help.  I've decided not to get a pair of CIEMs because all the audiologists I've spoken with (and most didn't bother to reply) don't inspire confidence in me.  I'm not in a place where I want to chance a $1200 mistake, so I'll keep enjoying my SE535s.

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