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Heron 5 [Excellent Condition]

Trader History (14)
  1. twiceboss
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Best offer:
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  2. jonman1
    I don't need another amp but this is tempting.
    FiGuY1017 likes this.
  3. twiceboss
    Let me know if you need it :) you will not regret!
  4. twiceboss
  5. FiGuY1017
    This is one sick amp! Endgame for hd800 Hek V2. If I had the cash I’d buy it to have a back up! GLWS. I don’t care what some people say this sq is easily worth its original 2k price imo
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
    twiceboss likes this.
  6. twiceboss
    True. I love it so much with hd800 but it's easier for me to have 240V if i got a chance.
    FiGuY1017 likes this.
  7. FiGuY1017
    It should sell quickly :) I have it paired with a Young MK3>Vandergraff MK2 and it is insane.
  8. twiceboss
  9. twiceboss

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