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Here's my (computer) setup -- am I doin' this right?

  1. curleyfrei
    Hi folks,

    So. I'm on an MSI GS70 2QE laptop running audio via USB through a Creative Sound Blaster X7 amp/DAC w/ E-MU X7 bookshelf speakers; I also use JRiver Media Center for music...

    (With a... Dynaudio soundcard? Is that a thing? Realtek soundcard? And then there's also Nahimic? I don't know...)

    Basically, I have so many options for output and I don't know which way to configure things...

    In JRiver, my "Audio Device" options are (other than SPDIF, and Intel Display Audio, neither of which I am using):

    • Default Audio Device [Direct Sound]
    • Creative Sound Blaster [ASIO]
    • Realtek High Definition Audio [WASAPI]
    • Sound Blaster X7 [WASAPI]
    • Sound Blaster X7 [Kernel Streaming]
    • Sound Blaster X7 [Direct Sound]
    • Realtek High Definition Audio [Direct Sound]
    I did a bit more reading in the Help section of JRiver's wiki, and I think I want Sound Blaster X7 [WASAPI]... So, that's what I have selected... And now that I understand how it works, I'm a bit more confident, but... Not much.

    I know I just need to keep reading and learning, but that's easier said than done with all the challenges life throws you every day...

    Anyway, am I doin' this right?


  2. MisterMudd
    Nothing substitutes for reading and learning! You are on the right path. When you get stuck though, then come back to the forums as needed. Good luck.
  3. cossix
    ASIO and WASAPI are essentially the same; both allow for better music playback compared to windows DirectSound. The only problem is that both options will hijack the playback and won't allow any other sounds through (if you have Jriver running with any ASIO or WASAPI device, you won't be able to hear YouTube or anything else until you close Jriver). Looks like you're doing it right! Good luck
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Dynaudio manufactures speakers primarily (and even then the active circuits they make are amps built into their studio monitors and wireless speakers). What they made in that laptop are the speaker modules (the transducers themselves plus the air chamber they're in), which might include the amp circuit.

    Nahimic is MSI's in-house processor, not sure if it's actually hardware based or just software though.

    ASIO, WASAPI, DIrect Sound, etc - just use whichever one doesn't cause any errors with using an external device and don't think about it past that.
  5. curleyfrei
    This was all very helpful, thanks all!

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