Here we go again...
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 9, 2008
Its been awhile since ive been around these woods :) Basically i took a dive and slowly parted with most of my Headphone gear. Now ive taken a turn and moved into the speaker side of things. Picked up a second hand pair of B&W 685's for $500aud. Purchased a NAD C356BEE 2 channel amp and a HRT microstreamer for now. I should have gone this route a looooooong time ago, the sound im getting is freeeeaking awesome. So far i have been moving the speakers around to see how it affects the sound, my room isnt the best for this setup right now. Im considering some speaker stands for a bit more freedom. Has anyone had a chance to listen to a NAD/B&W setup..?? Hopefully this will keep me happy for sometime, ive alread been eyeing out the B&W PM1's.. :D Oh and if anyone has some source idea's to suit this small setup id like to hear your thoughs. The peachtree DAC-IT has caught my attention. Happy listening!

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