Here we go: $30 budget for in-ear headphones. Recommendations?
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Jan 20, 2013
Exactly what the title says. I just want good headphones to listen to from my iPod through a Fiio E6 amp. In-ears preferred because they have to be portable. I listen to everything from choral arrangements to post-hardcore to smooth jazz, except country and rap of course. What should I get?
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I might not be up on the latest wisdom, but the Yuin PK3 were the bee's knees a few years ago, albiet slightly above your budget at $37.
I loved mine, until I lost them. Oops.
[Edit: Sorry should have mentioned they are earbuds, not strictly speaking in-ears. But don't let that put you off.]
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SoundMAGIC E10 work well with rap, they have slightly forward mids which suits vocals and a fun musical sound.

Look em up.

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