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New Head-Fier
May 9, 2020
United Kingdom
Hello all, I need a little bit of help, obviously we can't go out and try headphones right now so I'm hoping some knowledgeable head fier can give me a bit of guidance. I'm a bit of a headphone magpie. I've had.

AKG 701
Akg 551
Sony mdr 1a
Audio technica W1000z.
And a few others over the past few years. I currently own.
B & W px
B & W c3 mk 2
Sennheiser ie800
Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wired.

The Bowers I bought new. The others second hand albeit the ie800 were not used as such. And the momentum were so cheap in cex it was rude not to.

My kit is for home use. Michell gyro, hadcock 242se integra and audio technica at33 ev. This goes through an Icon audio ps1 phono stage and for headphone use musical fidelity mx hpa. Yes it's liquid warm but highly detailed.

Out side its either my huawei mate 20 lite it's for the audio no other phone has the codes thus does. With either the bare bones px's (great sound) or via a fiio btr3 to the ie800 better sound.

I'm looking for a decent pair of in home over ear headphones. And I think sennheiser missed a trick with the momentums because fed by the musical fidelity on high gain they eat the rest for breakfast. So I want the momentum signature sound with a bit more pzazz in the mids.and a more spacious soundstage It's the only two bits that's slightly missing. Oh a decent non stock cable for them would be good too, sans the remote, I can only find cheaper stuff on the net.

I'm leaning towards denon ahd 7200 or 5200 going by reviews seems they may hit the mark. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance tg.

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