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HELP with the T90

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by htgiddlow, Dec 9, 2013.
  1. htgiddlow
    Hey guys,
    This is my first post. Been a fan of Head-fi for almost 7 months when I first put on a set of Edition 8 Palladium's that my friend showed off. HAD to know what blew me away and found this little gem online.
    I think I have a rather unique question because I know the cans and amp have been talked about over and over, but probably not in my case. I was finally in the market for a 400 Dollar setup this month. I pulled the trigger on a T90 yesterday since I got it for almost a DT880 600Ohm price. My budget however completely got killed. I've been using the UE9000 with an E17 for all purpose use for the past 6 months since I've started the audiophile life.
    Anyways, I know the T90 is an extreme step up from my current set up. But also the price. My question isn't which amp I should by, but rather, will my E17 suffice for now since I really can't afford anything else? Can an E17 alone drive the T90. I want to wait and go big, such as the WA7 for later where I won't have to ask this ever again. Don't want to get an E09K, since a less bottleneck is still a bottleneck. Speaking of which, even Bottlehead Crack is too expensive right now.
    Thanks guys.
  2. NA Blur
    It should work fine as the T90 have a 102dB sensitivity.
    You can go here and conduct some calculations yourself:

    At 102 db / mW as seen here:
    The total voltage swing ( peak to peak ) will be about 1.3 volts x 2.8 which is about 3.65 volts.  FiiO claims the E17 can output up to 7.3 volts peak to peak so even if it only operates at 70% of that value, used as a fudge factor, you should be fine.
    FiiO E17 specs grabbed from here:
    Headphone sensitivity (dBSPL @ 1 milliwat)102
    Headphone impedance (ohms)250
    Desired loudness (dBSPL)110
    Required power (milliwatts)6
    Required voltage (volts RMS)1.26
    Required current (millamps RMS)5.0

  3. SDBiotek
    I recently bought a T 90, but have not tried it yet with my Fiio E17. I'll try to post  a brief impression tomorrow night. Per NA Blur's calculations, I am sure the E17 will have no problem driving a T 90.
  4. Sonido
    T90 can even be driven to a decent level through my phone, and not sound that bad. Your E17 should be fine. I'd recommend the Crack over the WA7 though personal experience. I find the warmer the amp, the more it benefits the T90 due to its elevated highs. Another option I've heard others say work well is the Schiit Vali tube hybrid for only $120.
  5. SDBiotek
    I just did a quick listen, and the E17 has no problem driving the T90, to earsplitting level (at least for me, I usually don't like to play my music at high volume). While the E17 doesn't seem to bring out all of the nuances in the music compared to some of my other amps, in my case it adds a touch of warmth. I'm still getting used to the sound of the T90, which sounds a little "cold' compared to what I am used to. The extra warmth is nice.

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