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Help with TH-X00

  1. BrowChan
    I want to get the cable modded so that it can be removable. Can someone do this? I don’t have the equipments and I prefer someone with expertise on this handle it.
  2. tomb
    It's not really the cable that has to be modded as much as it is the cans on the headphones. With the special wood used on the TH-X00, it's not a mod for the faint of heart.

    Just a suggestion, but you may be better off selling the cans you have and then purchasing a new set of TR-X00 from Massdrop. The TR-X00 is the very same series of headphones, but with removable cables. It might even cost less in the long run and you'd get a first-class quality product, manufactured for the removable cables from the factory.
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  3. BrowChan
    Thank you for the reply. I already considered that option but I didn’t know the price difference between that and mod. Also, if I wanted to change the earpads to make it sound more bassy and better, wouldn’t that require a modding too?

    Also, why do you say that it would cost less in the long run? How so?
  4. Mhog55
    If your cans are in good condition, you should only need to spend maybe an additional 3rd of what you sell them for to acquire the tr-x00. It might cost less to modify depending on what you're charged, but it's doubtful. As for pad swapping, it's generally pretty simple, though I haven't done such with this particular headphone.
  5. BrowChan
    I see. I ended up placing an order for the PHs (TR). If anything, I’ll just need to work with getting some pads that increases bass even more. Reason why I asked about the pads is because after doing a little research I found out that people recommend installing attenuators and dampening drivers to make these headphones sound great. Know anything about this?
  6. tomb
    Don't know about that, but the Dekoni sheepskin pads are fantastic with the TH/TR headphones - highly recommended.
  7. Mhog55
    Google th-x00 Lawton mod
  8. BrowChan
    Does that increase the bass and calm down the treble? Are there any deals I should look out for? I got the TRs today.
  9. BrowChan
    I emailed them. Got an invoice for tune-up kit but I don’t really know what that’s going to do. I need to research more.
  10. tomb
    The sheepskin pads from Dekoni (also Massdrop) pretty much perform the Lawton mod with a lot less trouble.
  11. BrowChan
    Is it better than the Lawton mod though? Does it increase or decrease the bass? For me, the bass is really important (Of course, only while keeping the other sacrifices to a bare minimum if it even comes to that).
  12. tomb
    I can't tell you that; other than I'm always reluctant to mod headphones. Most are not done within an engineering environment, where the mods are carefully checked for response, waterfall plots, etc., before and after. Then there's the whole issue of modding a manufactured product with low-quality, after-market materials and hand construction. Some people don't blink twice about it. I think in more cases than not - it ruins the headphones. Just MHO, though, with emphasis on the O.

    Even if you do the Lawton thing, however, you'll still be left with the stock pads on the TH/TR, which is probably the headphone's only huge drawback. The stock pads are acceptable only because the overall headphone is such a deal, price-wise. The original Denons with wood cups were $1000 or over (at least the D7000 was, I believe). Unfortunately, the Massdrop versions have a fairly hard cushioning with a small restrictive opening for the ear. This increases/tightens the bass and reduce resonances and reflections over the original Denons. The original Denons were known for somewhat flabby and loose bass. Unfortunately, I found the Massdrop pads a huge hassle. I was always trying to make certain I tucked my ears completely into the pad openings, otherwise the bass was deficient. The opening is offset and at an angle, too, so wearing the headphone with the stock pads is more difficult than it sounds. AFAIK, I've not had an issue with any other headphone, so it's not like my ears are super big or something (at least no one's told me that).

    The Lawton mod pre-dates the newer Massdrop cushions on the TH/TR. Lawton developed it for the original Denons. I'm sure he's updated it for the TH/TR and their much different cushions than the original Denons, but the Dekoni pads remove all of the hassle with wearing the headphone, in one fell swoop. As a result, the overall headphone is preserved in its original, pristine condition - including the original pads (assuming you save and store them). It sounds better, feels better, and there are no issues with fit. Just pick it up, put it on, and enjoy great music.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019 at 8:40 AM
  13. BrowChan
    Appreciate the information. I think I will stick with just getting the pads, for now, just to be on the safe side.

    But, did you get any attenuation rings for your Dekoni earpads? Also, do you think I should get the ZMF Eikon Sheepskin pads instead? I've heard they increase the sub-bass with a slight decrease in the mid-bass. How would it be for the Dekoni Pads, in contrast?

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