Help with some files not playing correctly, mainly 24/192 on AK Device?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by Sonic-Debris, Nov 9, 2017.
  1. Sonic-Debris
    Hey folks,

    Got a strange question, I'm running the latest firmware on the AK100ii, and was filling it up with some music to test, and came across a few albums that simply threw up errors when I tried to play them.

    All the 24bit 192 Flac files i downloaded to test out, seem to come up with the same massage. Can this unit simply not play those rate files? do they need to be converted before hand? I am upgrading to a Fiio X7 Mark II very soon, just wanting to know if that handles them better, or what the hell is going on. In VLC player they just say the files are 24bit 192, nothing special.

  2. castleofargh Contributor
    well, not many owners of this device here apparently. maybe better luck in a topic dedicated to that DAP in the general forum?
    all I can say is that the DAC chip can handle such resolution. but I don't know if the DAP is made to deal with flac at that resolution. maybe it is but it only works with a specific compression setting for flac? you could probably try changing that. you could also remove the tags, remove the cover and see if that's what is causing an issue(seems dumb but it happens very often on DAPs of various brands). maybe the files get corrupted when you download them from the web or upload them on the DAP? you could try to find out if there is a checksum option from the original source.

    just random ideas to try and isolate a potential cause of issue.
  3. RRod
    Second the suggestion to try removing the FLAC metadata (you can also try uncompressing first to WAV). You can also try downsampling to 24/96 (with/without metadata) to see if it is a rate issue.
  4. Sonic-Debris
    Sorted it out, it was just that I needed to factory reset my device, then scan the media/database again, files play fine now :)

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