Help with microphone "stuttering"
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Sep 9, 2013
A friend of mine recently came back from a training program in the military to discover his microphone has stopped working correctly. When playing a game or using the Voice Tester on Steam, it cuts in and out like its stuttering or "choppy".
He first bought a new headset to replace his old one. That didn't help, still persists on the new headset. Moreover, both headsets work fine on his laptop. He's tried reinstalling Windows 7 and even tried Windows 8. Still didn't help. He then decided to get a new Sound Card in hopes of maybe the mic jack on the motherboard was bad. Even after a new Sound card and a fresh installation of Windows, the stuttering still persists. At this point I cant even begin to imagine what issue could elude everything above, hoping someone here has some idea of what the issue could be. Could it possibly be a motherboard issue of some sort?

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