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Help with IEM's

  1. Jason36
    Following my post yesterday regarding IE6 and IE8/80 IEM's, I would like to try and gain some advise with regards to other options available. These are for use with an iPhone and iPad....mainly whilst travelling, on holiday and at the gym.

    Musical tastes are varied everything from Bob Dylan, through Pink Floyd to Metallica (although not that much metal).....I do listen to a lot of rock, indie, acoustic and especially female vocals.

    Don't like bloated or excessive Bass or shrilly / sibilant treble....I suppose I am looking for that natural sound which arebgoodnwith vocals.

    I have been looking at various options (currently have the IE6 and CX300II). I am willing to spend up to £300.00 ifmI have to ......but bearing in mind depending on the impedence I may need to amp them. Options I would like advice on include:

    Heir Audio

    Cosmic ears

    Ear Sonics

    JVC FX-700

    Anybody have experience of any of these? Or any other recommendations. Ideally looking for something that doesn't leak sound in or out.
  2. fallingreason
    I think you would love a pair of multi-driver Westones
  3. Ivabign
    You mention the HA-FX700 - the HA-FX850 is a great IEM - the only con is the isolation. They have a natural, open sound - and they get it by porting the IEM enclosure - lets some sound out and some in... although if you listen at a nice volume, more goes out than in..... I haven't had any issues with outside sounds intruding on my music - but others around you may hear what you are playing...
    Just a real nice - reasonably priced headphone.

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