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  1. m_bryant
    So currently i am using a behringer x 302 usb mixer with my XLR mic and am monitoring my audio with my headphones through the mixer. I am getting a pair of HD6xx in december and am wanting to do the Schiit stack (modi Magni) when it comes in. I was just curious what would be the best way to run the mixer and the stack together. Is it possible to use the stack to monitor my mic output through the mixer somehow? Im fairly new to the recording side of audio and setting up equipment to place nice together. Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks!!
  2. cossix
    I have a similar setup for gaming with a Scarlett Solo instead of the Behringer. I used to use the Stack also but I don't think there is a way to monitor through it. I'm fairly certain the interface only applies the microphone direct monitor to its own headphone jack. If the interface DOES NOT have a digital output, which I think would be the case, then you'd have no possibility to add the Modi to the interface. If anything, you could use the interface as the DAC and run the RCA out of the interface, into the Magni. This may or may not allow Direct Monitor through the amp, it depends on how the interface is designed
  3. cossix
    Best bet is to keep them separate IMO, one for monitoring and the other for music

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