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Help with Fiio e6 and soundcard

  1. OrcaFish
    Hello Everyone,
    I just purchased my first set of quality headphones and ended up getting the ATH M-50x with a Fiio e6 included on a good amazon bundle I found for $170.  I am quite pleased with the headphones as they are much better than my old Bose QC2.  The problem I am running into is with the amp.  I do not know weather to use it with my PC's soundcard or not.  I have Wave MaxxAudio 4 software built in.  Should I turn the MaxxAudio off and just use the amp? Or maybe both? or is the Software better than the amp? I am lost lol please help head-fi, thanks!
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would assume you would plug the Fiio E6 into the line-out/headphone jack of the computer (laptop?).
    The MaxxAudio 4 is an integrated sound card in a laptop?
  3. OrcaFish
    I am not sure, i think its just software. I just was not sure if having both active would cause some sort of problem because I know the e6 was designed as a portable amp and I am using it as a desktop one currently

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