Help with equalizing M50's!
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Nov 13, 2008
So I just picked up a new pair of M50s yesterday, and I'm loving it right now. Since they are new, I'm still burning them in. I was looking through this site and came across the tutorial on how to equalize headphones, and I've been trying to figure out how to correctly to do it, but all of it is a bit confusing for a newbie like me. I'm having trouble figuring out the peaks, and I was wondering if there were supposed to be multiple peaks to be found. I'm assuming there are dips in the lower frequencies looking at the graphs in the tutorial, but I should only worry about that after I fix the higher peaks right? I'm currently listening them through just a sound blaster card off of my PC (too poor to afford a dac, but does it really affect the sound that much?). Anyone else tried to equalize M50's? Very roughly, think hear peaks around 5.1k, 7k, and 9k, but I'm not quite sure how accurate that is since this is my first time doing this.

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