Help with computer-based hi-fi system
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Jun 8, 2013
Hello Head-Fiers!
I'm currently building my first hi-fi headphone setup and I would like to use a computer as my source. I was wondering if anyone has used computers with SPDIF outputs built in to the motherboard. The computer I have in mind is a (very old) HP Pavilion Slimline (model S3200T) which has a digital audio output from the back panel. I'd like to use this to connect to my DAC, which does not have a USB input. Does anyone have any experience with this computer or other computers with digital outputs on the motherboard? In particular I'm wondering if the digital output from the back panel has been modified at all by the sound drivers.
Also, what program provides good playback? I've seen many people recommending foobar2000 for windows. What are some other options for windows and linux?

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