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Help with Cables Needed For Magni 3

  1. ckvp
    Hi Head Fi Help,

    I just bought a Magni 3 and would like some help knowing what cables to purchase for it.

    I will be using this with my FiiO E10K(3.5 mm line out & coaxial out) as the DAC from my desktop and with my LG V20 (3.5 mm and USB-C).

    I will primarily listen to FLAC, if that matters for bandwidth at all.

    I want the best options for sound quality as in type of connections (don't need special gold cables and all that).

  2. fianbarr
    You'd want a 3.5mm male to double RCA male. That would work for both the fiio and LG. For the fiio use the line out at the back to bypass the fiio amp and use the magni amp instead.
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  3. ckvp
  4. fianbarr
    Yes, that's the one. You plug the 3.5mm in your phone/back of your dac and the two rca's go in the back of the Magni.

    I would suggest not to go overboard with expensive cables to start off with. Once your gear gets above a certain level it makes sense to buy $50 and upwards cables, but not with a $60 dac and$100 amp. But that's my opinion, and I am sure loads of people will disagree with me.
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