Help with amplifier / sound only in right channel
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Apr 2, 2013

I connected the following way, Gustard H10 RCA to 3.5mm into my headphone jack on PC. (soundblaster xtreme audio) I only got sound from the right channel of my headphones. Plus it sounded terrible, I have my DAC coming tomorrow, but I was just anxious to hear it. Is it because my soundcard doesnt have a dedicated line out? or should I be worried only getting sound from the right channel? I then tried the 3.5mm from the H10 into my iphone 5s and got a bit more volume from the left side but it definitely wasn't balanced volume. Headphones are balanced volume when i put them directly into the computer. (Sennheiser HD555's) Just wanted to test things before plugging my LCD's in. Hopefully the DAC fixes it. If anyone has any idea whats going on, let me know, thanks. All dip switches on the back of the Gustard H10 are in the down position (for SE use), connecting with an SE cable.

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Check your cables/adapters where they plug into jacks. Could be one is not working well with the jack it is plugged into.

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