Help with a newbie buying his first headphones
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Oct 5, 2016
Hello everyone,
I finally decided that, it's time to upgrade from being a counterfeit earbuds peasant, retailing for less than 10 USD, and taking me more than a week to get used to. I have a budget of ~170 USD, but unfortunately and I live in neither USA nor EU, which means I have to pay double the taxes. So I put together a list of available headphones that you might have recommended.
I plan to use them mostly indoors, I have no intention to monitoring sound or DJ`ing, just casual listening, gaming, and a reason to keep the FLAC version of songs.
I'm thinking about a model that is closed-back, over-ear with no amps requirement (Wouldn't the 3.5mm jack be a bottleneck ?) and slight noise cancellation.
I've noticed that some people like them flat others bassy, as I always find myself tweaking the EQ setting to favor bass. Will a software EQ be enough for me if I went with flat ones instead ?
Without any further ado, here's the list, I'm currently thinking about getting the ATH-M40x. I can increase the budget if you convince me.
- Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 Ohms (~173 USD)
- Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro (~180 USD)
- Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohms (~178 USD)

- Sony MDR7506 (~131 USD)

- Audio-Technica ATH-M30x (~79 USD)
- Audio-Technica ATH-M40x (~133 USD)
- Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (~191 USD)
and some AKG
I'm still not familiar with audio terms, take it easy on me.
Thanks for your time.
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Jun 2, 2014
Out of all of those I would go for the M40x as well. The Beyers need an amp and the Sony have a large treble spike which can be fatiguing. M40x is close enough in sound quality to the m50x while being a step up from the m30x. It's a good middle ground and some people even prefer it to the m50x because it is more neutral. A slight eq should be fine with them.
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Sep 10, 2016
All over the place.
I went listening, with my totally unbiased wife, last weekend, and covered various Sony, Beyer, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica models.
I have a very bad habit of listening "to" headphones :wink: whereas my wife just likes listening to good music and doesn't care about specs, price or brand. She is so much more sensible than me, lol.
Anyway, she liked the Sony mdr1a best of all, closely followed by the M50x. I asked her to listen to the M50x and M40x back to back, and she declared "not even close" the 50 have much more detail. I listened for a while and agree, there is more mid detail and treble clarity in the M50x. Just my opinion, get the best you can afford, even if it means a little sacrifice, because just asking here means that you are serious enough to appreciate the long term difference.
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Oct 6, 2016
I just bought the audio technica m40x's they are very good I have heard other decent headphones and these are the best I have ever heard so clear you can make every little detail in the songs if they decent quality songs (somewhere like (-1600kbs) and and the highs are great and not sharp or piercing and the mids are fast and tight and clean the bass is good but their is hardly any in these headphones that is the one downfall so hiphop and dubstep and stuff like that don't sound right I mean I understand its flat so its not gonna have much bass but I feel like I'm not hearing all the music because it has like no bass you can't hear everything your supposed to hear all those extra frequencies lost I'm hoping theirs a way I can add just a tiny bit of bass and they will be perfect they are absolutely amazing but I listen to all kinds of music from rock to death metal classical and rap etc and they sound absolutely amazing for anything that is not bass heavy music because your losing some of the music but with rock or classical OE whatever it sounds so absolutely amazing its perfect IMO I may just buy other headphones just for rap and stuff and use these for everything else

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