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Help, wanted to buy the AD700x but kinda skeptical after visiting rtings.com

  1. EIise
    Hello guys, im an avid gamer which doesnt like too much bass on headphones. I heard good things about the AD700x for vocal/instumental focused music and positional/imaging strenght in gaming. I wanted to buy these cans at 1st but after visiting ...
    it seems the AD700x got such low score for a popular headphones and why did the bass part scored higher than its treble? Plus why is the soundstage only gotten 5 points out of 10? Please help, should i still buy these or go for a logitech gaming headset like the G633 which scored so much higher than the AD700x at rtings.com? Thank you.
  2. boomhaur
    It's an objective test with a set way they test it and try to grade it. Reviews/opinions are subjective. I find having both will give you a good idea of what to expect if you can't demo it first.

    You can make a product that tests poorly objectively but will be highly praised by people because subjectively it sounds good. Tube amps that add color, warmth, or however you want to phrase it will fall under this.

    Also their is no separate grading standard among price points. So these headphones are being judged on the same scale as an hd800 and other flagship headphones.

    If you want something well rated on there I think the Superlux hd681 Evo would be a good bet. My wife prefers those and I finally dethroned my hd688b with a pair of Sennheiser hd58x after I think 6-7 years. Most people prefer the sound of the 681 Evo to the 668b and the Evo includes velour pads which are a must as the pleather in these headphones will make you sweat badly during long sessions.

    My advice though, don't sweat the rtings article, use it as additional information and if you think you like it buy it and enjoy it.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
  3. serman005
    The AD700X is a very solid, bass-light gaming headphone. I, too, wouldn't worry about those ratings.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X is very bass light, but otherwise should be considered a good headphone, for any audio that does not need bass.
    Also plugging them into a jack with a low output impedance helps bring out detail.
  5. yoyojoe
    I believe there actual measurements are accurate but the write ups are definitely subjective. I also believe they make some sort of profit for promoting sales for specific products. I wouldn't really trust them that much.
  6. EIise
    Sorry for thr late reply everyone, got tangled up in RL stuff. Btw thanks guys for answering my questions. I've decided to buy the AD700X tomorrow. Hope it goes well, oh and im picking up a FiiO E10K as well.
  7. bcaulf17
    I wouldn't use Rtings as a basis of headphone reviews or ratings. Their measurements are good though.

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