Help w/DAc info on Plextor PX-712SA
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Jun 28, 2008
Hi I'm new first post. Could really use some help finding Audio DAC info for the follwihg items:

1.) Plextor PX-712SA DVD/CD-RW internal SATA player.

2.) Magnavoz MWD 200G DVD (CD) player

3.) Magnavox MWD 700G DVD (CD/DIVx) payer.

Googles serached, went to the sources first of course. Can't find anything. I thought the wisdon here may be helpful.

I would appreciate it.

Since this is my 1st post my system is below, I write articles for an English speaking Belgium website, sort of a ecelectic Overclocking site. I am just launching an Audio sections based on the music server and USB DAC intergrated amp movement. Was into High End for many years, got out wehn I found I was just obsessing and isolating around cables, and other nuances which can drive you crazy and have you selling homes.

Anyway now I am trying to provide my readers (all five hehe) with info on where they can find affordable yet musical hardware. I don't use the term "Budget" High End because i think it's condescending to presume just because someone spent under $2k on a system their system isn't musical.

Anyway my 75 cents (inflation). Below my systems. Intel Gigabyte X48 9450, AMD Asus Ling-sli dual FX-74's Decco amp, Tecon amp both USB DAC. Cain & Cain Abbey's and Era 4's (also Audioengine A2 and A5) all review sampes hope to purchase the Abbeys I'll own a GLOW amp soon. Cbales are Unity Audio and Zu Audio Jullian.
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May 15, 2006
Very interesting speakers.

The easiest way to find out what DACs those use would be to open them up yourself. They're guaranteed to use some kind of cheap solution, because Magnavox is a low-end brand and most people don't use the analog portion of a DVD drive.

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