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Help to pick the right dac

  1. JediMa70
    I have a Topping D30, now i'm looking for another one because I use one in my "music room" and one for my computer. So the choice is or for my computer or for the music room and the topping will move accordingly ... ( <.< )
    Budget 200 euros
    Coax power >2,0 volts
    Dsd appreciated but not mandatory

    some example:
    FX Audio DAC-X6
    Creative Sound Blaster E5 DAC
    AudioQuest - DragonFly Black USB DAC
    NuForce uDAC-3

    thank you
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you like the sound of the D30 I'd just get another one.

    Coax input doesn't affect the line output. if the analogue line stage outputs 1V or 2V it won't matter if it's coax or toslink.

    In some cases though it can be affected if you're using USB. I had a SuperPro 707 before and when running USB it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay louder than SPDIF input if you still have the power brick hooked up, likely because USB power helps run the digital side and the analogue circuit goes louder if it has all the power supply to itself. I think somebody measured it here and found 4.7V output. Not the cleanest sound even if it means you don't have to crank it up as much.

    These only have preamp-controlled outputs.
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  3. Taz777
    I use a Topping D50 with my computer and it works very well. I have an iFi Nano iDSD Black Label for my bedside system and for travel. I’ve just ordered another Topping D50 as a more permanent DAC in my my bedside system. So I’d recommend either of those. The D50 does DSD. The Nano would need to be recharged as it uses its internal battery for power. The D50 can be powered via any 5V USB phone charger or a spare USB port on your computer. One benefit of the Nano is that you can use it for travel.

    I purchased each of those for less than 200 EUR by shopping around.
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  4. JediMa70
    What do you think about SMSL M8A 2nd?

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