Help regarding portable setup
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May 28, 2013
EDIT: misclicked and posted in wrong subforum...
I'm revising my portable setup since my last pair of headphones was stolen. I'm looking into portable amps  and need some advice on the matter.
Getting a pair of KRK KNS 8400's soon for some basic studio grade monitoring and portable use. I was told they would benefit from a portable amp but don't really understand if this would simply increase volume or enhance sound quality as well. 
Also, i'm currently playing from a Sony Xperia Sola smartphone. Would it be a decent improvement to invest in a sansa clip + running rockbox? Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality when comparing this to the Xperia Sola's DAC/driver? 
Can i even hook up an external portable amp to my smartphone which only has a headphone out?
Long story short: Would an additional investment in playback device or portable amp increase the performance of a pair of KNS 8400's and if so, what should i prioritize?
Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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