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Help/Recommendation? - V-Moda XS vs Sennheiser HD25 vs Aiaiai TMA 2 vs Pioneer HDJ C70 vs Beats Solo 2

  1. teecee5
    Hello fellow Headfi-ers,
    I am currently looking for On-Ear Headphones with a great Bass/Kick.
    I already have the V-Moda Lp2 and the V-Moda ZN.
    I really really loved the LP2, but since I got the Vmoda ZN inears (which, what I've read, are more like the V-Moda M100) the Punch and the Kick of the LP2 is somewhat not precise and not really kicking.
    Besides that, I cant really use the LP2, since they are Over-Ear and I sweat alot in the Summer or while doing Sports, also they leave a small round mark in my Hair, since they are laying on them.
    I listen to Drum N Bass, EDM, and other electronic music genres, so bass and kick is important.
    So I am looking for OnEars, that get as near to the warm V-Moda ZN Sound signature (if not even kick more).
    Currently I am looking towards these:

    V-Moda XS - The Small brother of the M100, are they good?
    Sennheiser HD 25 - One of the most famous once, but as far as I had experienced Sennheiser, they are often too bright for my likings and this result to sibilance.
    Aiaiai TMA 2 DJ Preset - they are pretty stilish, and as far what I read, the should have a good kick, but what about soundstage and resolution?
    Pioneer HDJ C70 - The rival of the HD25, and maybe the better version for me, since they should be warmer?
    Beats Solo 2 - I read that the new Series improved very very well! Maybe these are an option, too?
    Can some headfiers spread their experience, help me with my decision?
    Maybe some have had 2 or more of these and have some comparison?
  2. KT66
    I love the XS, but they have less bass than the M100, if you want killer bass from a closed portable then I haven't heard better than the ATH-ES10. I don't like closed Senns, any of them.
  3. teecee5

    Lets say the m100 is 10/10 with the bass, how much is the xs?
    And do you have any issues with them staying on your head?
  4. voxie
    @teecee5 Am an owner of the XS and would agree with KT66 regarding lack of bass / kick.. My son has the 2nd Gen MOE and in fairness i find them a bit on the warm side not great sparkle but pair well with a portable amp.Then again the V=Moda's do well when amped via my Phone. May i ask your source?
  5. KT66
    7.5 and none, I have big head and specs.
    I don't like bassy headphones, the XS is about as bassy as I want, the ES10s are another level, quantity and quality.
    Have you tried the DT1350? I still think it's the king of portables. 
  6. teecee5

    Just read it in different reviews and even here on headfi.
    But the oppinions differ from people to people
  7. voxie
    True, its all subjective re ones preference, hearing and listening environment 
  8. teecee5
    I just ordered every single headphone drunk after the party yesterday :D
    Will burn them all in and check them out, will tell you more afterwards!
  9. PL4Y3R 0N3
    I'd love to hear your impressions! After reading the innerfidelity reveiws of the solo 2.0 I don't think it will be as bass heavy as you're looking for , but the sound is apparently very, very good. I've heard them a few times and they don't have quite as much bass as the studio 2.0, but they sound very, incredibly good.
    A link if you don't believe me:
  10. teecee5
    Jeah I already many many good reviews about the new solo2, even innerfidelity said in their review that they are incredibly good.
    And I tried them out in a store nearby, and I like them really.
    But the question is: is it the best option for me out of all those 5 headphones?
    We will see, will report next week!
  11. teecee5
    Does anyone have any experience with any of following headphones and heavy sweating under them in summer/sports?
    V-Moda XS
    Sennheiser HD 25
    Aiaiai TMA 2 DJ Preset
    Pioneer HDJ C70
    Beats Solo 2
  12. SpiderNhan
    I own an XS and while not as sweaty as the M-100, they still get a little sweaty. More important is the clamp, which is light and will lighten further over time. It's not good for sports unless the sport you're doing is sitting down curling dumbbells.
  13. teecee5
    So the "sweatlevel difference" from Over to OnEar isnt that incredible, and going for OnEar hoping to get less sweat is not the that kind of a good idea?
    Damnit.. :frowning2:
    InEars are great, I love my V-Moda ZN, but only real Headphones can deliver kicking bass :frowning2:
  14. SpiderNhan
    It's definitely less sweaty, but you can't really avoid it. Closed headphones, pleather pads, and heat will beget perspiration.

    Have you considered a bass boosting amp?
  15. teecee5
    Never considered a Bass boosting amp, since my Sony Z5 Compact does a good job. Okay, when I plug my Headphones into my Pioneer DJM 850 Mixer, they are waay bassier and just the way I like them, but jeah..

    I dont know, I have already full pockets, adding an amp to my pockets is maybe not the greatest option, if its only "nice to have". But I never tried an amp, so I dont know how big the difference is.
    If I can get the sound I get from my Mixer, I would love to get one.
    The Option I would love would be even a Music Player with a good amp, since I like to split Musikplayer and Smartphone (split batteries, I dont have to worry about spending smartphone battery charge for listening to music, you never know when you need the bit of charge)

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