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Help: portable headphones with good sound

  1. JediMa70
    I own few good headphones for home listening (Hifiman he560, Senn HD600, AKG K712 pro and Meze 99 classics)
    I would like to buy not to expensive BUT with a good sound, not too big, foldable headphones, wired.
    I tried Senn Momentum 2.0 on ear but they are boomy and the sound quality is just meh
    Any good advice?

    Budget 100 usd - flexible
  2. Kuriffeu
    I'm currently using my brother's ath m50x and I'm blown away by its sound quality. I've only used budget(I'm talking $10-50) earphones in the past. When I first used these headphones, the first thing I noticed was the harsh treble accompanied with a lack of bass. I took it off immediately. After a while I decided to give it a try again and I kept an open mind. Damn. Somehow, the harsh treble toned down, and I've started to appreciate the almost non-existent bass in return for clear and forward vocals. The instruments sounded awesome as well. Idk if it's portable enough as it is quite heavy, but, if you don't mind, I'd definitely recommend the ath-m50x. My listening experience has been amplified greatly by this pair of headphones.
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  3. voxie
    SoundMagic P55 might suit your needs. Non foldable though but have a small form factor. Very articulate and very well made with top notch materials.
  4. JediMa70
    Here in italy is sold at 250 euros ... really off budget
  5. JediMa70
    They can be an option for sure but I would prefer something smaller
  6. JediMa70
    And what do you think about ATH M40x?
  7. voxie
    Ok, that's expensive..picked mine up for 100 Euros on Amazon WareHouse.
  8. Mhog55
    Ath M40x , swap the pads out - Non consumer tuned sound
    Cleer DU dual driver for a fun V shape sound - A little larger but hardly noticeable on head
    Used / Classifieds will open up a lot more options.
  9. JediMa70
    Well better if they are new and the main source here is amazon.it which means to cut few options (cleer DU not there...)
    I add that they should be "funny" and good for rock , hard rock and metal mainly
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  10. marcussmj
    The AT m series pretty much suck. I would consider in ear monitors over closed back over ears at this price point.
  11. JediMa70
    Like what? My knoledge about IEMs is close to 0
  12. Cruelhand Luke
    B&H currently has the HIfiman Edition S for under $100.
  13. Mhog55
    I purchased the hifiman edition s from B&H. Amazing cans imo. Great sound, one of my favorites at this point.
    Yes, most of the AT M series aren't that great, but the 40 is the exception. Needs pads though.
  14. surfgeorge
    100 is not much for a good portable...
    I had the Sennheiser M2 over ear and they were pretty good, but bass is also a little on the heavy side, not really boomy but a bit soft, and upper mids and treble felt affected.
    But very portable, great comfort and isolation. Price was 145 Euros refurbished from Sennheiser.
    (I gave them to my son and he loves them)

    I also have the B&O H6 Gen 2, which are the opposite of the Sennheiser.
    Rather lighter bass, but drier, clear mids and highs, a bit more recessed mids, piano sounding clear and sharp as it should.
    Not foldable, not as comfortable and insulation also not as good as the M2OE, price similar.
    Stopped using them after getting Audioquest Nightowl, but those are not really portable.
  15. JediMa70
    I liked Fidelio L2 that a friend gave me for few days but it's so hard to find them and their price floats so much from 100 to 250 euros but they are a good example of what i'm searching , but so many reviews make so much confusion (AKG Y50, Marshall, Sennheiser.Momentum. and so on) .
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018

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