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[HELP] Please help me choosing a Headphone (around U$ 100)

  1. HulkSmash
    Hello friends !

    Please help me choosing a Headphone (around U$ 100)
    The only "good" headphones Ive evr had was a BOSE AE2. I liked it very much... Very lightweight, comfortable and a decent sound.

    Im planning to purchase another one around U$ 100 and I'd llike your opinions
    Im prone to Audio-Technica ATH-M50, but Im considering AKG K550 and Denon 1100 also...
    How is the ATH M50 compared to the BOSE AE2 ?
    Music I hear: Heavy or Progressive Metal, Rock and Electronic Music (Trance)
    I dont need a ultra heavy bassy headphones but an above average + high clarity would be good.

    Thanks !!!!!!
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What sources are you plugging the headphones into?
  3. HulkSmash
    Oh Sorry, I forgot about that...
    I`m a casual listener, so Im plugging it in my Notebook and sometimes in my cell phone Galaxy S4)
    I wont use an ~external~ DAC+AMP
    Thanks !!
  4. HulkSmash
    Anyone plz ?
  5. cel4145
    I think the K550 is a much better headphone than the M50 (I own both). The K550 doesn't have the bass emphasis of the M50, but it does have good bass extension. So not bass heavy, but not bass light to me.

    The K550 also has a much better soundstage (better for immersion in the music), and is more resolving. If you can get it for around $100 US, you are getting a steal.

    If this review makes it sound like something you would like, I say look no further: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/wonderfully-competent-akg-k550-sealed-headphone
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  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    For something that is portable and would still work with a notebook.
    JVC HA-S680 headphones, buy them off eBay or Amazon, they ship from Japan.
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  7. HulkSmash

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