Help pleas choosing earbuds + Smartphone ..
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Aug 10, 2012
  first of all my apologize for creating a new thread asking about smartphones as a dac
   I was researching  for a while .. and I have no doubt that galaxy S.  whit Supercurio woodoo  is a good choice ..^^
 So I dont going to dwell on the same  if ¨ sams.galaxy S is good as a  DAC.. ? ¨
  the only one thing that  stops me to buy one is : camera ..  I work in art designe and .. its camera is not bad  but  its not veeeery good also ..     and Im not interested  in oc updates ..( Im not interested in buying the last -most powerful smartphone because of the  android new os upgrades .. :p)
     I also figured that  ( correct me if Im super wrong)   depending which earbuds you buy will work better whit the smartphone you choose ..  is that right ?  or Im wrong and there are some nice ¨all around earbuds¨ ?
       so in the end my  doubds questions are  : ( iPhone is  out of my list)
                                                             1   thinking a smartphone as a dac  are there any other  good choices  aside the Sams Galaxy S ?
                                                             2 what earbuds  are good for Sams.Galaxy S? budget :50 -120 u$d.
   there are som maany brands .. Sennheiser, Bose,Head Direct, AKG,Koss Meelectronics  Xears ..  Im lost -_- really ..
     if it helps I use to listen  rock, gotic melodical .and stuff like that ..
                      other smartphones I saw : Nokia N8 .. nice camera  .. the output audio is not bad?
                    a friend of mine is selling his Blackberry torch 9860 ..  camera is great .. and audio quality  dont know .. ( his earphones were a crap :frowning2:  so dont know  really  .. whats  intrigued me is that  it can support FLAC files  ...
 I also was looking in GSMARENA  and did this small research  maybe it would help ( I dont know  interpretate all that data ..  only very little ..)
                                                                                   low better?    - higger better-     -low better-        -high better-
                                                                        frequency response    noise  Dynam    TDH   IMD               Stereo
                                                                                                         Level   range             noise          Crosstalk
  Apple iPhone 4 (headphones attached)                        +0.01, -0.07    -90.4    90.4     0.0036    0.092           -68.4
 BlackBerry Torch 9860(headphones att)                       +0.15, -0.57     -86.7    88.3     0.019    0.169             -36.8
 Nokia N8 (headphones attached)                                 +0.50 -0.18      -89.9    89.9     0.016     0.300            -55.6
Sony Ericsson Xperia pro (headphtached)                    +0.44, -0.13       -88.7    89.0     0.343    0.326             -39.7
        Sorry for all the mess  -_-
Thanks in advance :)

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