Help picking IEMS for needs.
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Jul 28, 2009
Ok, I hate starting new threads but there doesn't seem to be one exactly with what I need. At least that I could find.

I mainly listen to music on my ipod classic 160(no portable amp, and I dont want that apart of the options). I use it nearly 8 hours a night at work, I also use them for gaming on my laptop. Nothing very serious, nothing professional. I do listen to ALL kinds of music but favor hard rock. Mostly all of my music is ripped at a high bitrate. I also use them for video on my ipod and laptop. Laptop use does include blu-ray videos. Now for the IEMS.

I first bought some Shure se210s and thought they were great(first IEMS, don't laugh), then moved onto the klipsch custom-3's which are absolutly amazing. But the cord shorted near the plug and after a few attempts at getting a new plug soldered on perfectly I've shortened the cable a few inches. They are back to working like new, but the cable length is just a bit too short(ipod stays in my back pocket while I work). I always look at going for better when I purchase new stuff, IEMS included.

I would like to go to a triple driver setup and I've been looking at the se530's and the UE-TF10s. Which one do you guys think would be best for my needs? The closest place I can go to test both is in Atlanta which is a 2.5 hour drive for me. I'm really looking for the best "all around" experience. I want bass but not over powering, and I want the best clarity. Isolation is important aswell. Since I can get both on ebay for the $200-$300 range, with the se530s being the more expensive, they both look like a bargain compared to the rest of the ones out there. Sennheisers, Westones, and various other brands I've looked at don't seem to drop much in price.

I would love for someone who mainly uses an ipod and either or both to give their opinion and if maybe I would be better off with another set of custom-3s. I have heard about the hiss from the se530's with an ipod and haven't heard of this happening with the tf10's. Anyone know how bad this hiss is and if it happens during playback, my understanding is it is only during idle.

Thanks in advance for any help. It is much appreciated.
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My best friend experienced a similar situation. He had the Custom 3 for about 5 days and started having cable issues near the right driver ... returned to Amazon right away and put the store credit towards the SE530, never looked back. I have personally heard it many times and love the mids. There is very little treble sparkle though. As for the bass, I like the quality, not bloated at all, very smooth, but I feel like it could reach lower. Anyway, I literally only got 5 minutes of head time with the Custom 3s, but according to my friend, the SE530 are another step up from the Custom 3s and absolutely worth the extra money.

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