Help picking an Amp that would best accentuate sound effects/movies/games
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Aug 31, 2009
Set Up:Beyerdynamic DT 990T Premium 250ohm headset, Creative X-Fi Titanumium Sound Card for my DAC
Price Range: Up to 300USD

What I Want: I do not use this set up for music. I only use this set up for PC gaming and watching movies. I am looking for an amplifier that will work with my headphones to best make gaming/movie sound effects sound the best. I'm looking for the the most detail, punch, etc... I plan to only use my sound card as the DAC, because I use the CMSS-3D for positional audio when gaming.

Amps I'm considering: Objective2, Magni, C421, M-stage.
I've heard that the O2/Magni are both great amps, and quite similar, but that they are both lacking in the bass department, which might be detrimental in terms of making sound effects sound good. I've also head they are very neutral to the point that compressed poor sources end up sounding horrible. Video game sound isn't known for being the best....

I'm leaning toward either the c42111 or M-stage right now, because I've read they are warmer, and have more bass.

I would much appreciate any insight or opinions. Thanks
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Feb 9, 2012
I can't say about the Magni, but the O2 doesn't lack in bass. It doesn't add/remove anything from the audio signal. It'll make your headphone sound like, well the headphone itself, nothing more, nothing less.
If you want more bass you can look for something that has a bass boost, ie the C421.

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