Help on unmentioned PCDP (Sony D-245 / D-E700, Pana SL-S670 / SL-S480)
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Sep 13, 2009
Hi Head-Fi!

I have following Head-Fi for quite some time now and must admit that this community has helped me a lot in making informed choices on my portable audio gear. Unfortunately, I have come across an opportunity to purchase a number of PCDPs and absolutely can't find any information about them online. I'm hoping that someone who is more familiar with these models might be able to provide some useful information.

I have the chance to purchase the following PCDPs brand new:
1. Sony D-E700 (USD55)
2. Sony D-245 (USD55) -- I did find one post about this particular model being compared to the legendary D-777, but not much after that...
3. Panasonic SL-S670 (USD67)
4. Panasonic SL-S480 (USD55)

Thanks! :)

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