HELP! Newbie Mistake, Monster Inspiration Headphones should i sell and reinvest
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Oct 29, 2013
Intro Below ( since they say to introduce yourself when you make an account :), real questions underneath if not interested in my life :wink: Sorry for long Lots of questions and moral dilemmas 
So i can't decide yet whether discovering head fi has been a good thing or bad thing...
Im new to the forums, but have been reading posts for the longest time, and its has been driving me mad trying to decide how to spend my money. 
I was heading off to university and decided cheaper iems weren't enough for me, I needed comfort and quality as I love my music, as most people here im sure do as well. So began my consuming task of searching for headphones i wanted on the internet which lead me here. I read dozens of forums and spent more time trying to decide on headphones than packing my bags and picking my courses, those were straight forward. Unfortunately i didn't have enough time to test out everything under the sun i was interested in and rushed to a few stores for a pair. Didn't know exactly what i wanted but knew i didn't want beats or anything flashy and name brand due to the over priced lack of sustenance( not to mention having to wear them in public, didn't want to be THat guy). But unfortunately time was running out and i was overwhelmed with options/recommendations/opinions on head fi and so I caved for a pair of monster inspirations, passive noise cancelling at a best buy employees advice.(after long moral judgement). It seemed easy, which it was. But now continuing on and having that infection of trying new and better things, I feel guilty every time i use them knowing I fell for the temptation and could have better for near the same price, had I tested more. And another problem ive had with them is the small width, after an hours or two my ears start to get sore.
Well there's my back story/introduction to my now consuming infection that apparently isn't so uncommon here of the hunt for the best headphones in existence, and now being a broke university student i want to make the right decision (in my price range of course ;p)
Anyhow so now the question is do I cut the lose, sell them and reinvest in a pair like the V moda m100/80s, MDR-1R, AKG K550s, ATM-H50s, PSB M4U1s, COPs, Fidelio L1, DT770s,  ATH-A900X, that ive been reading about for so long?
These are majority of the phones i was looking into and reading up on here.
as for what i listen to and parameters i try to follow
-around ear (for comfort), although im up for on ear if its good for my needs (m80s specifically)
-I would prefer closed back ( i like to keep my music private)( as in good isolation)
-wider ear-cups than the monster inspirations/momentum since the momentum don't really fit around my ear(though i wish they did, or id have them already) and inspirations made ears sore after two hours or so.
-I just use my ipod touch 5 and laptop (but might consider investing in a portable <100$ amp thingy once i do more research and understand them/benefits
I don't listen to my music very loudly so im not sure if an amp is worth it.) although for now id say not
-preferably an inline microphone for skype in such (as i do some gaming and chat with friends) (not a huge deal)
- as for music I listen to, I like and listen to the whole spectrum of the music scale from classical to dance and hip hop and indie/soft/rock, but i mainly listen to these. I wouldnt say bass-head to the point of overpower, but i definitely appreciate deep resonating cellos and some deep electronic stuff( so i like bass but not too much), but I also love my trumpets and Violins, so I like it all ( I know im picky) so i guess good all rounders
-As for portability I wouldn't mind being able to wear them on my way to class and around, but i do spend most my time at my laptop, so they don't need to be portable( i think im gonna buy the m80s in the future regardless to be my portable pair !they just seem perfect if not for being on ear!, once my wallet can take the abuse)
-and style, like i said im not self conscience so I tend to stay away from flashy, and as long as its not incredibly hunk of plastic looking I think ill like them.
I think i hit all the bases people usually ask to know, if i missed anything you wanna know let me know
All these are just guidelines for what i think i want, but im new and incredibly open to advice! so give me everything and anything you think will be helpfull! 
If you have other headphones to suggest im open to all possibilities!
Edit: Or option 2, sell inspirations and get m80s since they seem like everything i ever wanted in my life (and there 150$ from the site! right now), and skip having a sit down around ear pair and go for portables for now, although i would miss the isolation since I like having my music to myself...oh the money dilemmas, cant i have them both...
Cheers from Canada :)
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Aug 23, 2013
welcome to headfi
k550, vmoda m80

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