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HELP!!! Needed to buy New headphones !!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrinal46, Nov 2, 2012.
  1. mrinal46
    my question is the most  common question around in the forum , but yet am not able to find the answer
    which are the best looking headphones and and yet good in terms of sound quality ??
    beauty is a matter of personal choice 
    i saw the top 10 most beautiful headphone thread , but didnt find it appealing
    i want styling as skullcandy , beats but better soundquality !!
    i went thru the forum and found out about headphones from
    > My question is since vmoda is my only option what can be my other options , ??
    i wear it in college , travelling , friends , 
    dont want professional looking headphones
    type of music i listen to :
    Rock music mostly heavy metal punk rock
    All types of electronic music
    DnB Dubstep Techno Drumstep many more..
    i hope u understand what type of design m looking for 
    and the sound can be as good as it can get as per my genre within 350 $ !!
  2. garetz
    What you are looking for doesnt exist.
  3. shipsupt
    You found your answer, V-Moda... why resist?
  4. fatmaggot
    The sony MDR 1R have just come out, and i think they look very sexy. they are also in your price range sony-mdr-1r-plus-bluetooth-and-noise-cancelling-over-ear-headphones-pictures-and-hands-on-0.jpg
    as for the sound, i haven't heard them, but from what i have read they sound good.
  5. MalVeauX
    AKG K167
    AKG K550
    Denon D400 & D600
    Vmoda LP2
    AudioTechnica PRO700MK2
    Polk Audio Ultrafocus 8000
    Logitech UE 6000
    Very best,
  6. mrinal46
    just want to check if am missing out on something !!
    thanx for all the options
    i think m gnna decide between 
    M100 V-Moda
    K167 AKG
    Sony MDR-1
  7. Jerryberry
    How about the monster inspiration. I think they look really nice especially with the changeable headbands and they sound very good with good bass and much better beats/skullcandy !!!
    Here are my two cents worth after using the Monster Inspiration after a few months.. I initially wanted the v moda m100s but i dont regret getting the monsters. I wanted a really fun sounding pair of cans and  this is really awesome for modern genres of music ( rnb, hip-hop,pop,rock,dub step, i dont listen to jazetc..) PLUS i think it looks fantabulous !!! 
    you can have a look at my pictures here compared with my (sold) hd 25IIs
    Source. Sansa Clip Plus
    Amp. Fiio e11
    Base of comparison. SENNHEISER HD 25-1-II (Adidas)

    Sound Signature (NOISE CANCELLING OFF with amp).
    Great bass and good treble with a better sound stage than the hd 25 and good separation of instruments. The mids are not as bad as the other beats models like the solos and hds and even the pros but not as forward as the hd 25s. Overall this is geared towards modern music... Pop, rnb hip-hop, drum and bass, rock, dubstep. etc...
    Since i have the very balanced hd 25s i wanted something that was fun sounding with good base emphasis and this do not disappoint. With an amp the headphones vibrate and its like a sub woofer next to your ear all without sounding too muddy or drowning out the mids too much. The highs are very well defined. Even though you don't need an amp to drive these cans, i belief its really awesome with an amp. In fact most cans are really much better with a good amp for those who are serious about their music.

    Noise Cancelling on.
    Noise cancelling is mediocre at best. Compared with Bose. But it does work and it does cancel out some ambient noise. The over-ear ear cups also provides good passive isolation so overall in total its quite effective at blocking out ambient noise just don't expect all sound to disappear though. The noise cancelling feature also acts as a bass and volume booster. But the best thing with these cans are that you have the choice to switch it on and off and still use them without batteries unlike the bose and the studios.

    Sound Leakage and sound isolation.
    As mentioned before sound isolation is above average. With noise cancellation switched on its slightly better then the hd 25s which are known for effective passive noise cancellation. Sound leakage is another matter though as its worse than the hd 25s. It does leak some sound so taking it to the library and blasting the music is not such a good idea.

    Comfort & Built.
    This depends on the size of your ears. Mine just fits. The ear pad cushions are really soft and feels great. Clamping force of these headphones depending on the size of your head can be fairly tight to moderately tight.But nowhere as bad as the mixrs and much more comfortable than the solos and hds. Although my ears do not rest on the speaker grill the outer ear does come in contact with the cushions and can be uncomfortable after a couple of hours.  You have to get the right fit with these things. I wish they were a little bigger. Another thing though are these cans seem well built to me but you do feel its weight on your head. They aren't the lightest pair.

    I bought mine "used like new" from Amazon warehouse for about 250 and for that price its worth it.

    Sound signature
    Good Looking
    Great accessories
    Changeable Headbands
    Foldable to a compact size

    Might be uncomfortable for those with big heads and big ear lobes.Its comfy if you can find the right fit or have small ear lobes..

    Hope it helps

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