Help Needed In a Headphone Upgrade (from HD555)
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Oct 24, 2007
I love my HD555 Senns. In my opinion, they are high-end consumer, or entry level audiophile. I want to upgrade soon... Are the HD595 worth the jump? They have a more-forward treble, like the $15k Orpheus, from what I read. The Orpheus is flat, while the HD650 (just referring to), and HD555 too, have a slightly inflated mid-bass, and treble response laid back at -10 dB 20Khz, 90 dB amplitude. What is true reference?
Headroom says the HD650 sound is natural from their technical guide (+3 or 4 Bass, Slope to -10dB 20Khz, 90dB), yet the Orpheus is called the world's best headphone. But at the beginning of their guide, they say it should be theoretically a flat line. ?
I am looking for recommendations. Sometimes the HD555 is slightly veiled. I have had to EQ at times using the graphs provided at Headroom. Is there a affordable headphone (~$200) that is actually reference. Some people say that the high-end Sonys are used by studios, but their bass is even more inflated. Grados are out of the question for me, with a mountainous treble that is forward in the wrong spot, instead of being well-extended (I listened to them, including the SR60, which was the only OK one).
I just need expert advice. Is the Orpheus sound what I need? If so, what headphone follows its response at around $200? Thanks.

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