Help needed: bass-heavy music + relaxing music
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Skream has some nice MAJORLY mellow Dub Step
Dutch Flowers, Subleminonal, Sub Island, Blue Eye's as well as too much Sushi, I like it and it's mad relaxing and it's very MUCH Dub Step and VERY chill... I think you'd like it! Also if you wanna see just how much BASS your cans can put out try Show Me- Skream very mellow tune and very heavy!
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Very relaxing music with deep sub bass. I really enjoy this.

 Anyone know anymore artists with a similar style to this guys?. 

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I don't know any more, but I've got a good bit of Music to remove of my Zune, I might look into more Dark Amibient as a replace ment!
It's not real Bass Heavy but the Metroid Prime OST is really dark and relaxing imo, it has some great atmosphere to it as well, so you can just close your eye's and zone out although there are 4-5 [out of 45] songs that are pretty fast paced and might suprise you a little if you chill out too far lol

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