help me to recognize are my shure earphones fake?
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Sep 17, 2007
hi, i ordered a new pair of shure e2c headphones from ebay and they cam today, but i'm not sure are they fake, first thing that worries me is the length of cable, my length is around 1.16m and on the web says it's should be 1.57 for clear and 1.45 for black, then, it's not zip case, and third i got only one pair of non-orange earbuds, now please help me, here are some pictures

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I would say not. The thickness of a cable is useually a good indicator if there fake or not. And that cable appear pretty thick.

And most importantly, do they sound as
good as they should do for the money ?

Are the second hand ?
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and now I noticed that there are 2 versions of shure earphones, one whole black like this

and the other transparent with one half of the one headphone black like this

and now look mines

damn, they are most probably fakes
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I would say your headphones are fake. Contact seller for refund. If he doesn't agree, contact Paypal.
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How do you tell fake E2c from real E2c?

The fake sounds better.

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Originally Posted by synaesthetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How do you tell fake E2c from real E2c?

The fake sounds better.


HAHAHAH i was going to say something along those lines... well said.

Also: they have serial numbers on these?
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I've owned e2c's. Your carrying pouch is wrong, the cable length is wrong and the black/clear housing is wrong. They are fake. Contact the seller immediately, if you don't get satisfaction in 24 hours contact EBay.

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