Help me Spend my Bonus!
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New Head-Fier
Jun 7, 2004
Illinois USA
It was a great 2005 for me and it looks like I am getting a bonus! Before we spend the rest on our house I want to build my headphone systems.

My music is mostly FLAC/Apple Lossless and some 320VBR. I listen to just about everything. Bach to Led Zepplin. I am looking to expand the soundstage and to improve the details of my listening. Since I tend to listen for long time periods I need the music to relax me not drive me, the sound has to flow not drive. (I need to have my cans on at work to help me concentrate in the world of smaller and smaller cubes.)

My current "systems" are a couple of ipods my E5C's and on the PC I use an iMic to at least stop the hiss from the PC amp.

First I need to add some cans and an amp for my portable system and a better way to get audio out of my computers, Mac and PC laptops. I think I want USB but PCMCIA may be good. I think that the Indigo DJ is very interesting to feed the portable amp.

I am going to order either a Hornet or a SR-71 for a portable amp. Leaning to the Hornet for all the reasons that Ray designed it. Size/battery/switchable levels.

I am planning to order two sets of cans. First the HD650 (maybe a cable upgrade, Black Diamond or Equinox??) Second set of cans is hard; I am thinking of the Grado SR225 but I listend to the RS-1 and it was very interesting. The Grados are a tough call for me as I have not spent a lot of time listening to them. My son has some SR-80s that are pretty sweet for the price! I like the sound of open phones but I worry a bit in the office. The E5C are hard to take on and off!

I am really up in the air about a second amp or amp and DAC. The Corda Aria sounds neat (have to act fast) the Home system will be sourced from my MAC desktop and from an older CD player a Tanberg 3015a.

I am pretty sure that the Black Diamond interconnects are for me.
I do not know for sure about upgrading the Senn cables rigth away...

The current budget tops our at about $2000k.

I hope I covered it pretty well. This is mostly a portable system but with a possible home amp thrown in.


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