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Jul 17, 2008
I was really bored at work and i decided to research inear headphones. After talking to a friend and reading several forums I have narrowed it down to a couple.

Please rank these based on sound, fit/isolation, comfort and value. I listen to mostly hiphop and rap as well as some alternative and rock.

After reading, some reviews scare me with "lack of bass" but i dont understand how much itll matter.

Please rank and give your opinion on the following:

-shure se210
-denon ah-c551
-sennheiser cx200
-etymotic sr6i
-jays d jays
-ultimate ear 3
-yuin pk2

thanks a lot. ive been trapped in bordem.
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Jul 7, 2008
What source do you use?

I have tried the D-Jays and they were decent. However they did not isolate well with the standard tips and you have to wear them looped over your ears if you don't want them to look silly.

I own the Denon c551 and I liked them alot for about 2 months. I thought they sounded much better than d-jays and my e2c and almost as good as Q-jays. The c551 can really rock and have nice bass. Some people have trouble getting a good fit. The tips are very soft and flexible and are not meant to be inserted deeply which means you will get poor isolation. A way around that is to use foam tips from shure e2c/e2g. The c551 can be worn with the cable hanging straight down or you can loop the cable over your ear. The y-cable has a little plastic slider so you can adjust where you want the y-cable to split. The c551 cable is short and hangs down to my chest, then you use the included extension cable or not (depending on your source). The c551 are also very easy to power. In this regard D-Jays and Q-Jays are harder to power and need more amplification (read: Ipod Classic EU edition can barely power the Jays at max volume). The c551 are prone to hissing while the Jays do not hiss. My friend thought my c551 were a bit too bass heavy. They take kindly to EQ:ing so you can adjust the sound to your tastes. They come in silver and black (I chose silver because I would rather have something silver sticking out of my ear). Also they have a rear vent so they leak audio just a tiny bit (enough for me to want to lower the volume if I wear them to sleep so as not to accidentally wake my SO). Call me paranoid. They also have a decent soundstage (compared to D-jays). The c551 are also easy to insert and remove without fiddling around. Foam tips when i'm on the bus and flex tips if I want to hear my phone ring.

I bought Shure se530 2 months after the c551 and haven't really touched the c551 since then. Still... sometimes the se530 get really uncomfortable after a few hours because of the pressure of the cable when looped behind my ears.

For your music tastes I would recommend the c551 depending of course on your source.
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Jun 3, 2008
btw there is no cx-200

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